Live updates from Biden’s presidential transition: Georgian Republicans hold election hearings despite Biden winning there

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ATLANTA – Georgia, perhaps better than any other state in the nation, continues to be accompanied by a kind of zombie campaign to get Trump to victory, a month after election day.

Although Governor Brian Kemp has already confirmed the state victory of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., his Republican comrades plan to hold a couple of state Senate committee hearings on Thursday that are likely to examine the question of whether the state election – as Trump President was false – “falsified”.

Mr Trump will soon present his case in person. The president, who has annoyed Mr. Kemp and other local Republicans for not deciding Mr. Biden’s victory, will hold a rally on Saturday in Valdosta on behalf of state-appointed Republican senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler ahead of the January double run. this will determine the force conditions of the upper chamber.

On Thursday, Democrats announced that Barack Obama was president organize a virtual meeting on Friday, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Democratic Challengers of Jon Ossoff, Ms. Loeffler and Mr. Perdue. Mr. Obama will be joined by Stacey Abrams, a former Georgian legislature and governor-general who represents the state with voting rights.

Many of the state’s Republicans continue to make significant efforts – and mingle in political pretzels – to allay the president’s outrage at the fact that he lost the state, hoping to show his supporters that they are doing everything they can to cut the roots. traces of fraud in support of Mr. Trump’s unfounded claims.

The most pressing concern for some Republicans is that the president’s continued efforts to undermine faith in the electoral process will stifle conservative participation in the January 5, all-important, races for seats.

Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger, who is expected to be re-elected in 2022, is one of Georgia’s top Republicans, bending their actions to two different imperatives: defending the integrity of their state choice while trying to survive a bizarre and evolving situation. the political weather systems generated by the mercury Mr. Trump.

The president may suggest conspiracy theories and reproaches — he publicly attacked Mr. Raffensperger and Mr. Kemp for not agreeing to his wishes — but he is also the most popular figure in the Republican Party.

Raffensperger, 65, who is likely worried about his political future, tried to survive Mr. Trump’s attack with a mixture of backwardness and queuing.

On Wednesday, even when Mr Raffensperger declared that Trump was lost, he made it clear that there was still a Trump man in his heart: “We wish our guy had won the election,” he said. it looks like our guy won the election.

Mr. Kemp, who will also be re-elected in 2022, followed a similar strategy. In a tweet on Monday, Mr. Trump called Mr. Kemp “unfortunate” and called for him to intervene in the election. On the same day, Mr Kemp’s campaign sent an email stating that Georgian Republicans “must unite as a party to advance President Trump’s bold, conservative agenda”.

    Many of the president’s allies believe that another discussion in 2024 at the age of 78 is more about maintaining relevance.
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With elected president Joseph R. Biden Jr. keeping a permanent list of top jobs and Congress working to adopt a compromise stimulus plan, much of Washington appears to be moving ahead of election theaters unfolding for much of last month.

Even President Trump, while continuing to narrow the results through the remaining narrowing channels, seems to be at least considering the next steps.

He made it clear that he remained deeply committed to fighting the election results and released a 46-minute video-based screed on Wednesday in which he spoke angrily and complained of a “wrong” vote. The next day, it followed that his own attorney general, William P. Barr, said that despite inquiries from the Department of Justice and the FBI, “to date, we have not seen any level of fraud that could have led to a different outcome to the election. “

Nevertheless, Mr Trump has indicated that he can aim to have only the second president in American history to win another seat after he is defeated. He also discussed steps he could isolate before the 2024 presidential election, such as pardoning his family members before leaving office.

How serious is yet to be seen. Many allies believe that the re-election of the president in 2024, at the age of 78, is much more about maintaining relevance, allowing funds to be raised, dampening wounded pride and forgetting the loser’s label.

But even if it is meant to be presented, Mr Trump’s speech on his 2024 campaign has already frozen the Republican field and could delay the emergence of a new generation of leaders while tying the party to a politically polarizing figure for months or years.

Senator David Perdue, a Georgian Republican who is due to run next month, has traded 2,596 in a single cycle, the Times said, far outperforming its Senate counterparts.
Credit…Audra Melton to The New York Times

Senator David Perdue, in the run-up to the Republican election crisis in Georgia that could determine Senate control, conducted 2,596 stock exchanges during a term of office, including sometimes 20 or more transactions in a single day.

The Times analyzed that the number of trades far exceeded that of its Senate counterparts. And the timing of some of them raised questions about conflicts of interest, drawing attention to the senator’s investment portfolio just a few weeks before the extremely consequent outgoing elections.

The Justice Department has investigated the senator to see if insider trading is possible when selling more than $ 1 million worth of shares in financial analysis firm Cardlytics. Eventually, prosecutors dismissed the indictment.

The Times analyzed data compiled by the Senate Stock Watcher, a non-partisan website that aggregates publicly available information about lawmakers ’trade. Mr. Perdue’s transactions — mainly in equities but also in bonds and funds — accounted for nearly a third of all senator trades reported over the past six years.

The data also show what businesses Mr. Perdue did in companies that benefited from political and spending issues that came before not only the Senate as a whole, but the committees and subcommittees in which he served.

As a member of the Senate’s Cyber ​​Security Subcommittee, Mr. Perdue cited a frightening report about overseas hackers that pose a threat to U.S. computer networks. The report was prepared by a California-based company called FireEye, which was a federal contractor. Mr. Perdue has bought and sold 61 times since 2016. He owned $ 250,000 worth of shares in the company at one time.

Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Trump and counselor at the White House in August.  Ms. Trump testified Tuesday as part of a case involving installation funds and payments to the Trump International Hotel.
Credit…Doug Mills / The New York Times

Ivanka Trump testified on Tuesday in a closed-door placement as part of a lawsuit filed in January by the Columbia District Attorney General alleging that President Trump’s inaugural committee overpaid the Trump International Hotel in 2017.

The deposit is part of a series that is now underway after Washington Attorney General A. A. Racine, a Democratic Democracy, managed to back down lawyers ’efforts in September to dismiss the case from the Trump Inaugural Committee and the Trump Organization, which was still pending. federal court in Washington.

Among those replaced so far are Thomas J. Barrack Jr., one of Trump’s major donors and chairman of the founding committee, and Mickael Damelincourt, executive director of the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

The lawsuit alleges that Ms. Trump was informed prior to her January 2017 inauguration that the initial amount to liquidate the hotel’s nonprofit founding committee – $ 450,000 a day – was deemed too much.

Mr. Damelincourt then reduced the proposed fee to rent the hotel’s presidential ballroom to $ 175,000 a day, but documents suggest that it was still more than what some employees thought was reasonable.

According to Mr. Racine’s lawsuit, even at a lower price, the founding committee “violated district laws by taking advantage of a nonprofit to undertake independent business. No details of the deposition were reported. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former assistant to the Trump family who helped organize the inauguration, is scheduled to deposit next week.

Mr. Racine’s lawsuit is a civil case. This is separate from the investigation by Manhattan federal prosecutors who conducted an investigation into the donors of the initiation, which collected and spent at least twice as much as its predecessors, totaling more than $ 107 million.