Live Updates: Perdue Says Ossoff “Can’t Stop Lying” Before Georgia Senate Runs

David Perdue, R-Ga. His Senate is retiring after his Democratic opponent, Jon Ossoff, accused him of profiting from the coronavirus after Perdue raised an eyebrow at investigators after a series of stock market deals earlier this year, but it has not yet been considered illegal.

In a new campaign ad acquired exclusively by Fox News and broadcast on Tuesday, nearly a month before the critical run-off in Georgia, Perdue’s camp says Ossoff “believes that if he repeats the lie enough, people can believe it” and categorically denies stock trading attacks “completely false. “are considered.


    • The race between Perdue and Ossoff is one of two Georgian races monitored on 5 January that will determine the Senate’s balance of power.
    • If both Democrat candidates win, it splits the chamber evenly

On Monday, Ossoff held a press conference to blow up Perdue by his opponent as a “pattern of office behavior and conduct,” despite Perdue being cleared of investigators earlier this summer.

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