Live updates: Trump’s campaign alleges abuses around missing absentee voting process in Wisconsin

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday – alleging abuses surrounding the state’s missing voting process, which they said affected 220,000 ballots.

The lawsuit was launched Tuesday morning and followed by Wisconsin completing its partial recount – which said Joe Biden won the state presidential race – and after Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers officially confirmed Biden’s Monday night victory.


    • Nate Evans, president of communications director Biden, said in a Fox News statement that “the lawsuit is completely unfounded and not rooted on the spot.”
    • Wisconsin law requires that missing ballot papers be submitted to the voter casting the missing vote.

The Trump campaign, led by Wisconsin legal team Jim Troupis, a former Wisconsin District Court judge, told Fox News that while the recount in the state did not benefit President Trump, the campaign provided a “unique ability” to examine ballots.

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