Liz Cheney said Swalwell “poses a threat to national security,” urging Pelosit to take action

The House’s Republican conference president, Liz Cheney, was one of 17 GOP members to send a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanding the removal of Eric Swalwell (California) from the Intelligence Committee because of his alleged links to suspected Chinese intelligence. working.

Cheney, R-Wyo., Blew up Pelosi (California) for not taking action against Swalwell, saying it was “a threat to national security.”

“We watched [Pelosi] again and again, he treats the responsibilities of the intelligence committee with less seriousness when faced with serious threats to national security. Not only did Congressman Swalwell stay on this committee and he did not act, but he drew the committee’s attention to accountability for months, months, and months, instead of focusing on the Chinese threat, the threat of the coronavirus, “Cheney said.” Fox & Friends “Wednesday.


Cheney said a bipartisan agreement is needed to be able to work together to protect the nation. Cheney said he was “disappointed” in Pelosi because he did not participate in the Chinese task force.

The House of Republicans launched a Chinese task force in May amid increasing scrutiny of China’s treatment of the coronavirus epidemic. The Senate on Friday approved a $ 740 billion major defense bill to ensure Americans remain safe from all threats to national security. This bill has been passed by Congress for 60 consecutive years.

“The Defense Licensing Act is so critical. It includes really important language that will help protect Chinese industrial espionage, help us be much more independent, our supply chain, and protect our bases from the threat of Chinese espionage. We really need to make sure whether we are defending ourselves, ”Cheney explained.

The Speaker of the House Republican Conference noted that the Chinese Communist Party and government have managed to penetrate the highest levels of the U.S. entertainment industry and media and are known to crack down on sensitive information.

At a weekly press conference on Thursday, Pelosi said “he has no concerns about MP Swalwell.” Cheney said the nation cannot afford to have Pelosi as president of the House unless it takes seriously the threat to national security posed by the United States.

“The coronavirus – to what extent [the Chinese Communist Party] caused it to spread throughout the world — it really put the nature of the system in the spotlight, and it really focused the attention not only of those living in the United States but also of our allies on the threat they posed. how important it is to protect ourselves by moving supply chains, eliminating our dependence on the Chinese government, ”Cheney explained.


“We have to resist [the Chinese Communist Party], America must show the way. “