Loeffler returns to the trail of the campaign after the second negative COVID-19 test

Sen. Kelly LoefflerKelly LoefflerTeam Trump offered the Kool-Aid conspiracy “fire pipe” to fans, Loeffler, to continue self-isolation after the results of the controversial COVID-19 test. Top assistant: Biden expected to visit Georgia to help Ossoff recover, Warnock MORE (R-Ga.) After a second negative COVID-19 test, he returns to the trail of the campaign after being isolated on his own due to conflicting test results.

Campaign spokesman Stephen Lawson confirms negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test in its statement on Monday, saying Loeffler will return to the campaign before the race in Georgia.

“Tonight, Senator Loeffler received the result of the second consecutive negative PCR test,” he said. “She still feels great, she has no symptoms. He can’t wait to get back on track with the campaign.

The Loeffler campaign announced on Saturday that the Georgian senator would isolate itself after possible infection with the coronavirus. According to Lawson, a Saturday’s statement that Loeffler did two tests on Friday before two campaign events with Vice President Pence.

One such test was a quick test that gave negative results, allowing him to participate in campaign events. But the other test, the PCR test, came back after the events and showed to be positive for the virus.

The Republican was tested again on Saturday, with “convincing” results. He had Saturday tests tested again on Sunday and “thankfully it became negative,” Lawson said of the previous statement. Monday’s test result was the second negative COVID-19 test.

Loeffler returns to the trail of the campaign as he prepares for his Jan. 5 run, in which he faces Reverend Warnock. The result of the competition with Sen. David PerdueDavid PerduePoll: The majority says Trump should allow Biden to move forward while the GOP breaks with Trump’s rise. The majority said they want the GOP to control the Senate: vote MOREThe right to vote against the Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff (R-Ga.) Determines which party controls the Senate.

Loeffler has been holding joint events with Perdue in recent days, prompting Perdue to say he will stay home while waiting for his colleague’s results. Loeffler returned to the campaign on Monday after a negative test on Sunday, the Associated Press wrote.