London Breed regrets having dinner at French Laundry

Days after it was revealed that San Francisco’s London-based mayor had dinner at a French laundry restaurant after Governor Gavin Newsom’s visit, the mayor issued a mea culpa on Thursday, admitting it was “fair” to criticize him for contradicting his messages. on social gatherings during the COVID-19 epidemic.

“It doesn’t matter if something is technically permissible or not – I have to keep myself to a higher standard and I will do better,” the mayor said on Twitter.

Breed, who forced and obeyed residents to obey health orders following the outbreak of the coronavirus, joined seven people at the luxe Napa County restaurant on the evening of November 7, after Newsom’s infamous party.

Breed’s dinner, first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, did not violate any health rules. At the time, both indoor and outdoor meals were allowed in San Francisco and Napa County. His party was dinner in a semi-enclosed space.

But the revelation that Breed confused tightly with people outside his household in his restaurant has become another litany of a national case in which civil servants advertising security measures have found themselves in situations that show at least bad optics.

On Thursday, the Chronicle published an editorial in which it criticized Breed and other California Democrats for saying one thing about the pandemic and doing something else. On Thursday, Breed contacted the editorial to issue a statement regretting the editorial.

Along with criticism from Breed and Newsom, the editorial blamed Mayor of San Jose Sam Liccardo, who gathered Thanksgiving Day with relatives from five households, and Sheila Kuehl, a Los Angeles County Superintendent who ate at a favorite restaurant in Santa Monica after voting for an outdoor meal. .

“Tired audiences will need strong guidance and strong arguments in developing a response to soaring infections and hospital care rates. These irresponsible behavior has only made this job even more challenging for this work, ”the editorial said.