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CREATION OF THE CAPITAL HILL – Democratic lawmakers and senior Capitol Hill staff say the elected president JOE BIDEN he is already fulfilling his promise to the leaders of the House and Senate that, “In my oval office, we are casa, te casa.”

The Biden Transition Congress team did a lot of work – team officials said the goal is to hit all 535 members of Congress before the inauguration day. “The most important thing is to really be in reception mode and listen carefully and authentically. And understand that it’s not just a conversation and we’re off to a great start. But it’s really about building relationships. Said a temporary official.

Biden, who has spent more than 30 years in the Senate, has already announced in the White House senior members of the team responsible for legislative affairs.

HIGHLIGHTED EFFECTIVE CONTRACT WITH THE OBAMA YEARS: Democratic lawmakers and senior Capitol Hill staff say Biden’s congressional team is already doing better outreach than its former boss, president BARACK OBAMA.

Obama “said it openly enough, it wasn’t his personal style to do a lot more social things, build relationships. He was clever. Said Rep. DAN KILDEE Michigan, first elected in 2012.

In his new memoir, Obama explains the hug of the hill: “One of the reasons I chose Joe as a mediator – in addition to his senate experience and sense of legitimacy – was my awareness that [Republican Senate Majority Leader MITCH] McCONNELLbelieves that negotiations with the vice president have not ignited the Republican base in the same way that any appearance of cooperation with (black, Muslim socialist) Obama has ignited.

Probably with a divided congress and a narrow majority in both chambers, Biden’s ability to navigate the hill will hinder or interrupt the administration. According to its proponents, decades of experience make it uniquely trained to do things. Skeptics from his own party and Obama veterans argue that Biden’s youth senate is long gone and that Republicans see political disobedience.

Repeat. AMI BERA California, a member of the moderate New Democratic Coalition, is among the optimists who approved Biden early on for his Hill experience. In his Obama years, he recalls, “He was indeed sent to the hill, or we were invited to the situation room, or we were roughened up to get the vote.”

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At the Queen Theater, Wilmington (Del.), Where he made remarks about Thanksgiving.

With her husband, DOUG EMHOFF, at DC Central Kitchen in Washington, D.C., where cookies were given to volunteers.

MEGAN CASSELLA and ALICE MIRANDA OLLSTEIN guides you through it Biden’s cabinet announcements so far in three minutes (and counted).

GREEN OPTIMISM INCREASES – In building Biden’s cabinet, environmentalists favor the prospect of green policy initiatives across the federal government. There are many more than POLITICO’s energy and environmental reporters.

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EXPORT OF PRODUCTION FROM THE WHITE HOUSE – Biden plans to liquidate the White House’s Bureau of Trade and Manufacturing Policy in its administration, people who know the matter say to Megan. Under the leadership of the president, a small specialty store was started DONALD TRUMP has been managed by a commercial consultant since its inception PETER NAVARRO. Although Navarro himself has at times been criticized for his comments and views, manufacturers have enjoyed its direct creation since the White House was formed.

Although Biden is still in the early stages of building the White House, this move may mean a lower profile of the manufacturing policy under his administration.. One person familiar with the plans called it “worrying” that the decision appears to “reduce the role of manufacturing and trade” while including other issues such as climate in the White House.

“This indicates that manufacturing and trade will not be as important as under the current administration and will be treated as a different issue on the president’s desk,” the person said.

A second person familiar with the plans acknowledged concerns about reducing the focus on manufacturing, but noted that this move could be a simpler step to avoid a “tsarist approach to trade”. A spokesman for the transition declined to comment.

MEET HHS FIRST CONTINUOUS – New Mexico Government. MICHELLE LUJAN GRISHAM and was a former surgeon MURTHY VIVEK appeared as the main competitor in the Biden Secretariat for Health and Human Resources, with strong interest pressure from Lujan Grisham by Spanish advocacy groups, ADAM CANCRYN and Alice report.

The appointment of Lujan Grisham, who is Biden’s interim co-chair, would continue the tradition of the presidents slapping governors to lead the expanding agency, making him the first Latina ever nominated for the post. Murthy, one of the co-chairs of Biden Covid’s working group, would be the first secretary of HHS of Indian descent.

Biden says three Democrats familiar with the selection process have not yet made a final decision, and the announcement is likely to arrive no earlier than Monday. The deliberations could still backfire on others in a half-dozen final field like the Rhode Island Gov. GINA RAIMONDO, former Louisiana health secretary REBEKAH GEE and North Carolina Health Secretary MANDY COHEN.

CLICK – Biden keeps the peace with the first cabinet elections. SAINT OTTERBEIN and LAURA BARRÓN-LÓPEZ write that the former temptation did not provoke a bitter struggle with the left. But he didn’t give the progressives a bigger victory either.

IMMIGRATION PRESSURE – Immigration advocates want Biden to apply a 100-day moratorium on deportations, revoke Trump’s more than 400 immigration execution orders, and lay the groundwork for tougher goals such as the citizenship of undocumented immigrants — all the promises he made on the campaign’s trail. SABRINA RODRIGUEZ reports. Several members of the Spanish Caucasian Congress in private said that most Democrats would be “seriously disappointed” if Biden did not push ahead with immigration reform.

SEVERAL STORM PROCESSES ON THE HORIZON: Biden will inherit one of the weakest labor markets in U.S. history, with record high unemployment, growing inequality and deteriorating economic conditions. But like REBECCA RAINEY emphasizes that many of the solutions it offers – huge infrastructure, clean energy and technology investments – largely require the approval of a hostile congress.

AFTER DETERMINATION – The day-to-day work of the transition is finally underway now after the General Services Directorate acknowledged on Monday that Biden won the election. “Until the store closes on Tuesday the agencies’ review teams contacted or met with more than 50 agencies and mandates, including all the main offices of the President’s Executive Office. ” JEN PSAKI, Biden ‘s interim adviser told reporters this morning.

Biden’s officials even praised the GSA – the agency that maintained the start of the transition for nearly three weeks. “The GSA was responsive and helpful in providing access to the necessary resources,” Bedingfield said. The transition legal team also met with the Department of Justice and the FBI on Tuesday to allow agencies to begin processing background checks on Biden’s appointees.

TRANSITION FOR “OPERATION WARP SPEED”: Trump administration health officials began a series of scheduled meetings on Wednesday with Biden’s transition team on Operation Warp Speed, the administration’s efforts to urge Covid-19 vaccinations and treatments, DAN DIAMOND reports.

BUT: According to the Warp Speed ​​Leader operation, you may step back soon across ZACHARY BRENNAN

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: Chinese President XI JINPING was not first on the list of world leaders who congratulated Bidendel on calling, or second or third … But that doesn’t mean the Sino-US relationship will be less crucial in the next four years. According to a reading by the Chinese embassy, ​​Hsz told Biden that he hoped the two nations could “maintain a spirit of conflict, confrontation, mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation … manage differences, promote healthy and stable development in China. -US connections. “

“Not yet.”

Elected Vice President KAMALA HARRIS, he asked if he had spoken to the Vice President MIKE PENCE since election day.

REPAIR: Tuesday’s issue of the newsletter incorrectly spelled the names of the president and CEO of the Truman National Security Project. He is BEN-YEHUDA JENNA.

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