Los Angeles is issuing a new home order as cases of the coronavirus are accelerating

Los Angeles County on Friday announced a new home-staying order urging residents to avoid essential trips for three weeks to combat a new peak in coronavir virus cases.

The order takes effect on Monday and lasts for three weeks, until December 20th.

A statement from the LA County Department of Public Health advises residents to stay home “as much as possible” and wear face shield when going out.

It prohibits all public and private gatherings with persons who do not live in the same household, except for “constitutionally protected rights” to participate in church services and demonstrations.

Occupancy limits have been issued to various businesses. Fitness centers, museums, galleries and zoos can operate at up to 50 percent occupancy. Basic retail may remain open at 35 percent capacity, as opposed to non-core retail, including indoor shopping malls, at 20 percent utilization. Nail salons and personal care services should stay below 20 percent.

The regulation will also temporarily close public playgrounds. Restaurants, bars, breweries and wineries will remain closed to personal eating and drinking due to an increased chance of transmission when customers ’masks are taken off.

According to the statement, all schools and daycare camps will remain open subject to reopening policies. Outdoor recreation on the beaches, trails and parks will also remain open, in line with safety requirements.

“We know we’re asking a lot from so many people who have been sacrificing for months, and we hope LA County residents will continue to follow public health safety measures that we know can slow the spread,” said Barbara Ferrer, director of public health. “Acting with collective urgency is essential if we are to stop this wave. Please stay home as much as possible and do not gather with others who do not live in your household for the next three weeks. “

The order comes as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the country’s most populous county.

On Friday, public health officials confirmed 4,544 new cases and 23 new deaths. To date, 387,793 positive COVID-19 cases have occurred in all areas of LA County and a total of 7,604 deaths have occurred. Officials say about 10 percent of people test positive.

The Los Angeles County order was issued the same day the United States exceeded 13 million coronavirus infections.