Lou Dobbs continues to believe Sidney Powell is asking if the Trump presidency will be “saved”

Fox Business Network presenter Lou Dobbs continues to hope President Donald Trump stays in the White House on Jan. 21, and Sidney Powell will help make that happen, even though Trump’s legal team has rejected Powell and the Trump administration has already the transition process has begun.

In an interview with Powell on Tuesday’s broadcast of the naming show, Dobbs first described the former federal prosecutor as a “big American” before giving him the floor to re-establish Dominion’s conspiracy over voting machines and corrupt software.

“Well, you promised a Kraken would be released,” Dobbs asked, referring to Powell’s broadly mocking expression. – We expected your claim to be filed yesterday or today. When can we expect your lawsuit?

Insisting to sue Georgia’s election officials “tomorrow at the latest”, Powell promised it would be “huge” and that “countless electoral fraud and election fraud” would turn out. He also assured Dobbs that he would file a lawsuit in other states in the coming days to make favorable decisions by the time the Electoral College meets next month.

“Do you think we’ll see the Trump presidency saved?” Dobbs finally asked Trump’s former lawyer.

“Yes, definitely,” Powell said confidently. “I don’t think he was elected across the country in an absolute landslide.”

In recent days, several of Trump’s allies have tried to decide Trump’s claim that his attempt to overthrow the decisive election victory of President-elect Joe Biden is in vain, and it’s time to admit it’s over. In the face of a growing wave of Republican senators admitting that Biden will be president, Laura Ingraham, the pro-Trump News presenter, told viewers that he was lying to them if he presented the “false reality” that Trump would emerge victorious. .

On the other hand, Dobbs – who has repeatedly echoed Trump’s baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud – still holds the belief that the president’s legal team will somehow hand Trump the second cycle through lawsuits and complaints that have so far come out empty-handed. Much of that belief seems to belong to Powell, whom Trump himself pushed aside.

Meanwhile, Powell reiterated his international conspiracy abroad in which the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez was involved in the creation of voting software that allegedly translated millions of votes from Trump to Biden. Last week, Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson called Powell for failing to provide evidence to support his outrageous allegations and allegedly prompted Trump to expel him from his legal team.

Despite Powell’s claims, Biden leads the president nationwide with more than six million votes and is projected to get 306 voter votes. In addition, the vast majority of Trump’s team lawsuits have been appointed out of court, while more and more states are verifying their election results.