Madison Cawthorn: The Republican Member accepts Biden as President

The freshman made congressional remarks to CNN’s Pamela Brown when her protracted views on the November election results were urged.

Cawthorn was one of more than 120 members of the House GOP who supported the objection to the Arizona and Pennsylvania election votes earlier this month when Congress met to verify President Biden’s victory.

“Yeah, I think I’d say the election wasn’t fraudulent. You know, the Constitution allowed us to push back as much as we could, and I did that to the extent of constitutional boundaries, so now I’d say Joseph R. Biden is our president.” he added.

There were no credible allegations about voting issues that would have affected the election, as confirmed by state and federal courts, governors, state election officials, and dozens of homeland security and justice departments. None of the Republican officials who objected to Biden’s victory opposed Trump’s victories, or in some cases his own victory on the same day.

Since Biden’s inauguration, Cawthorn, along with 16 other GOP-house graduates, has signed a letter saying they can’t wait to work with Bidend. Notably, Cawthorn is the youngest member of Congress in modern history, according to American House records at just 25 years old.

“So when I went to the polls, it was done according to the constitutional guidelines that the framework created. But after I did that and the voters and delegates from each state elected Joe Biden as our president, I respect the office. He’s my president and I want to work with him. to make sure we can make a real difference in the American people, ”Cawthorn said.