Man continues to be charged with double homicide, kidnapping Riverdale on Friday – NBC Chicago

Riverdale police continue to search for the man they believe killed two people, including his child’s mother, and then abducted that baby on Friday.

Authorities say 32-year-old Clarence Hebron is still at large on Friday night, accused of killing Jessica Abeal and her brother Damien and then abducting her one-year-old son, K’Marion.

An amber warning was issued after the abduction. Police said the toddler was safely transported back to local police, but the boy’s father was not found anywhere.

Hebron was out of jail after being charged with a series of violent crimes, including during a 2019 incident that allegedly collided with another vehicle while fleeing a traffic stop and killing a woman in the Englewood area of ​​Chicago.

Now the families of the victims of the incident are shocked, looking for an answer and mourning their loss.

“At first it was Jessica and I found out she was dead,” said her cousin Ruby Bolden. “Then Damien was too.” I hope they catch me because it was really wrong. They did not deserve this.

Clarence Hebron was last seen driving a 2009 silver Dodge Caravan with license plate CA96676 in Illinois. Anyone with information about the event will call 911.

K’Marion Hebron is still in the custody of the authorities, but family members hope to see him again soon.