Man suspected of attacking at least five women in Bushwick subway station – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) “Police have a suspect in custody after another woman was attacked in Brooklyn on Monday.”

Police believe the same person is responsible for attacking at least five women at a Bushwick tube station.

An observation video shows that after 5pm on Monday, a man slaps a woman working behind the counter at the Sunflower Glass Company smoke shop on Wilson Avenue.

He lowers, knocks the woman with his fists again and again, and when she tries to get up, grabs her hair and tries to restrain the woman, even as she sends a message on her computer for help.

“He could have killed him honestly when he was right there in the throttle,” said Benjamin Bates, the victim’s co-worker.

Bates told Ali Bauman, CBS2, that the suspect often hangs out in front of the store and bought something there earlier that day.

“He’s coming to the store, and you know, he’s staying,” he said.

The victim physically says he is fine, but mentally he is still recovering.

Police arrested 29-year-old Khari Covington on Tuesday. He is charged with seven abuses as a hate crime and two robberies as a hate crime.

Investigators now believe the same man is responsible for brutally beating at least five different women at the Morgan Avenue subway station since November.

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One of the victims, Elizabeth Wakefield, spoke to CBS2 on Monday.

“My first thought after it happened to me was that I didn’t want anything else to happen,” she said.

All the victims grow in their late twenties, early thirties. All attacks are random and not provoked.

Sources tell CBS2 that the suspect lives in a nearby homeless shelter and has made a statement to police targeting certain types of women.

– It’s just crazy. It just hurts people. It’s just pure evil, “Bates said.

Police arrested a 50-year-old man in connection with the attacks last week and charged him with a third-degree assault on four charges, but since then, all charges against him have been dropped.

Some of the victims said he was relieved. Covington is now in custody and it is hoped that this will end a series of attacks.

A GoFundMe site was set up for the Sunflower Glass Company Smoke Shop attack victim. Click here to contribute.