Marco Rubio may face a primary challenge in Florida in 2022.

At the weekend rally organized by Republicans, the false belief that President Donald Trump stole the 2020 election and collected Trump 2020 banners, American flags – and in one case, “Where is Marco?

Marco Republican, a U.S. Senator for Florida Republicans, is not expected to attend the event, which is one of many protests planned by Trump’s supporters across the country. Although Rubio did not criticize Trump’s efforts to overthrow the outcome of an election that elected Democratic candidate Joe Biden as president, he stopped the president’s allegations of widespread voter fraud and at times admitted there was no evidence to support the allegations. .

– Where is Marco really? Roger Stone, a former Trump consultant who spoke at Sunday’s Miami meeting, later wrote on the Parler community site. “More and more Florida Republicans are urging me to challenge Marco Rubio in the Republican preselection.”

Stone, a dirty trick he described himself that Trump had asked for mercy for lying to Congress, might have just stirred the pot. He said if he left, he’d rather wait two years and challenge Florida Florida Republican U.S. Senator Rick Scott, and he also told the Daily Caller he was “friendly” with Rubio and “probably won’t start anything.”

But Stone’s flirtation with Rubio’s offer for a third term calls into question the new reality for Florida Republicans: in 2022, the greatest danger to most GOP officials may lie not with the left but with the right – and in the perception that he is not loyal enough to Trump .

“It’s probably the only state where a Republican has to fear the primary challenge of a Trumpist candidate, and Marco is first in line,” said Jacob Perry, a former adviser to the Florida GOP campaign who now runs a digital newsletter.

In a Wednesday interview on Capitol Hill, Rubio said he was not worried that Trump’s supporters would turn against GOP officials who clearly did not support all of Trump’s claims.

“We’re a very varied party, a very lively party, but I’m not worried,” Rubio said. “I think it’s mostly the work of guys, media people, that focuses on these things because it entails ratings and clicks.”

But since losing the Nov. 3 election, Trump has drawn Republicans ’attention to the fact that anyone who makes a false claim that the election was stolen from him could be outraged.

Trump suggested an Ohio Republican run in the pre-election against Governor Mike DeWine after the governor congratulated Biden on his victory last month. And at a protest in Georgia this month on behalf of two GOP U.S. senators, Trump urged his ally to attack Republican governor Brian Kemp, whom Trump allegedly disloyal after refusing to take unprecedented steps to overthrow Biden’s victory. .

In Florida, Trump did not need such threats. He won the state by nearly four percentage points last month – a relative blast in a state known from tight competition – and Republicans largely supported his ongoing legal challenges.

Governor Ron DeSantis, who won the Florida GOP governor pre-election mainly thanks to Trump’s approval, largely encouraged the idea of ​​disbelieving voters after the election, thanks to Trump’s approval. Matt Gaetz, a Panhandle congressman, said MPs should consider challenging the election when the results are convened on 6 January. And Ashley Moody, the state’s attorney general, was one of 17 attorneys who backed a lawsuit in Texas aimed at having the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Georgia’s election results and three other battlefields for Biden.

The Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit, which was blown up by some Senate Republicans as a public relations stunt. But only before two-thirds of Republicans in the 195 House of Representatives, including 13 of Florida’s 16 GOP MPs, signed short encouraging judges from a friend of the court to hear the case. The three people who did not provide their names retire, and another said he simply missed a deadline, so Vern Buchanan of Sarasota returned to Congress in 2021 as the only unexplained event.

U.S. MP Mario Diaz-Balart, who was automatically re-elected in the summer to a secure Republican headquarters representing Northwest Miami-Dade County when no Democrat ran against him. Miami Herald that he supported the Texas lawsuit because “there are valid questions as to whether many states have committed violations of the Constitution”. However, some question whether GOP congressmen in Florida, especially those from the credibly red districts, are leading the Trump line of election for political expediency.

“They certainly weren’t signed because they believe democracy is at stake,” said David Jolly, a former congressman from the Tampa area who left the Republican Party in 2018. “It was signed because the party’s dominant mood is Trumpism.” . “

Jolly, who says Tampa Bay Times In 2022, he could run for head of state as a third-party candidate, saying he knows of two Florida Republicans who have already been asked to assess whether they should worry about the primary challenge.

Does the election vote change anything?

Monday’s vote at the Electoral College confirming Biden’s victory eased resistance from some Republicans in recognition of the results of the 2020 elections. So far, as the Florida GOP delegation has continued to support Trump’s legal challenges, there is little sign that a rebellious wave will knock out Republican incumbents, as it did in 2010 with the tea movement.

But he is at the beginning of the next election cycle. And while the lasting strength of Trump’s influence is yet to come, it seems likely to linger as a political force in the 2022 midterm elections, especially in Florida, given that the president is expected to return to Palm Beach next month while considering another presidential election. departure.

“There’s no way Trump can solve that,” Perry said, referring to Trump’s ability to influence the 2022 campaign cycle. – Too addicted to power and spotlight. The only surrogate character is in case Trump decides to have one of his own children go somewhere in the Senate. “

For Rubio, the former state legislature who stirred up his tea party wave over then-Republican Governor Charlie Crist in the 2010 Florida U.S. Senate race, a younger Trump Senate could be a problem. There is a lot of news that Ivanka Trump, the president’s eldest daughter, may challenge Rubio in 2022 after reports appear that she and her family are shopping a lot in the exclusive Indian Creek Village.

Ivanka Trump did not want to comment on the speculation. And on Monday, Politico reported that Florida GOP president Joe Gruters said the reports were “just noise”.

Rubio, who did not support the unsubstantiated allegations by some of the president’s supporters that Venezuela and Cuba were involved in fraud in the 2020 elections, said the Miami Herald it was uncertain whether there would be Trump-side primary challenges for incumbents in 2022. But he said he remains confident that Paycheck’s protection program work during the pandemic, as well as Cuba’s and China’s hard-line stance on the GOP, will reward primary voters.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved in the last four years, and much of that has worked with the president,” Rubio said. – We have achieved great results hand in hand with the President in China, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran. That’s why we worked so hard for his re-election, and that’s why I’m proud to have won Florida. We are very proud of what we have done, but we still have work to do. “

But the possibility of challenging Ivanka Trump or Roger Stone reflects the awkward situation in the middle that Rubio acquired by supporting Trump for only one point – and a warning to the other Republicans.

“The first goal of every politician is to be re-elected,” Perry said. – You have to keep that in mind.