Mark Hamill responds to Trump, considering Randy Quaid’s “Do-Over” election call

Randy Quaid has an idea of ​​how to correct the allegedly erroneous election results once and for all: a complete surrender. Quaid, who appeared Independence Sun, National Lantern Vacation, and Brokeback Mountain previously tweeted in favor of Donald Trump, and the president seems to be listening to what he has to say.

“We have lost confidence in the system that elects our leaders.” the actor wrote on Saturday. “79 million Americans believe the election was rigged, the results were fraudulent. We need a vote on purely personal paper, especially in states where blatant irregularities have taken place. No accuracy, no democracy! The tweet has been described as controversial.

However, Trump seemed to love the idea. Quaid was quoted as saying on Tuesday morning, adding, “Are you listening to Republicans?”

It’s important to note that this tweet was shared by Trump this morning after his administration approved the start of a formal transition process for Joe Biden to take office in January. He did not allow, but tweeted that the “original protocols” would begin in connection with Biden’s process “for the benefit of our country.”

The president also shared several other Quaid tweets, including one that called Trump an “astonishing man to the people” and encouraged people to “stop the theft.”

We can safely say that Trump’s critics didn’t have that.

Mark Hamill asked his followers if anyone had “Donald retweeted Randy Quaid’s pass-through voting idea on his 2020 election bingo card.”

Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief Molly Jong-Fast noted that Trump had entered the “Randy Quaid phase of his presidency.”

Dan Pfeiffer, the Kohos Pod Save Americahe wrote, “Trump’s demand for Republicans to listen to Randy Quaid’s political advice is very funny.”

Producer Kim Sherrell said, “Nothing says,‘ It’s over and I gave up thoroughly, ’as did Randy Quaid’s retweeting.” He added the “Rock Bottom” hashtag.

Randy Quaid
“Real Time” actor Randy Quaid will be posing in the Sky 360 Delta Lounge during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2008 in Park City, Utah.
Randall Michelson / WireImage

Adam Parkhomenko, a Democrat strategist, said, “Randy Quaid? Is it possible that the trump card is an even bigger f ** king loser than I thought?”

“It’s a big morning for Randy Quaid,” a White House reporter said Associated Press Jonathan Lemire joked.

CNN commentator Keith Boykin pointed out that Trump shared various posts this morning from Quaid and did not comment on the hundreds of thousands of deaths in the coronavirus epidemic in the country. “Donald Trump, the lame duck president of the United States, filled the morning with a retweeting of five different entries and zero entries by actor Randy Quaid about Americans who died in the 260,000 coronavirus,” Boykin wrote.

At the time of publication, more than 12 million cases of coronavirus were reported in the United States. More than 258,000 Americans have died from the virus.