Rashida Tlaib and Rep Mark Meadows came together after Michael Cohen's hearing after condemning "someone" who uses an African woman in the "chamber".
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WASHINGTON – After Mark Meadows defended himself against racism at the House Committee meeting on Wednesday, critics presented two 2012 videos from North Carolina Republicans, promising to send President Barack Obama to Kenya.

The videos were shared by liberal commentators Meadows and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. In exchange for a hearing with President Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen. The meadows invited Lynne Patton – the long-term partner of Trump and the current residential and urban development officer – to the hearing and referred to it while challenging Cohen's statement that the president was a racist.

"Just because someone has a color, a black man who works for them doesn't mean he's not racist," Tlaib said. He added that using Patton as a political "prop" was "racism" in itself.

Meadows denounced the consequences of racism angrily and asked Tlaib's comment to be "damaged from the record."

"No more personal than my relationship – my niece and nephews are colorful. Not many people know this," Meadows said. He also denied that Patton had given him the hearing as a human hearing, and said, "This racist suggests I asked you to come here."

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Patton swept at Tlaib's suggestion. He listed a number of performances on Facebook on Wednesday before adding "This is not a continuation of a trial".

On Wednesday night, the 2012 videos began to steaming social media.

"In 2012, the time for Mr. Obama to be sent to Kenya or wherever he is," said Meadows at a rally on June 9, 2012. – We'll do it! Three days later he made a similar comment at a tea party event.

Critics painted the "birtherism" approval of Meadows' comments – a concept that Obama was not born in the United States. Many people said that the refusal of citizenship of the first African-American President was rooted in racism without evidence.

The official Twitter account of the Trump Democratic Coalition claimed that "Meadows promotes the conspiracy theory of racist murder."

In the 2012 Roll Call interview, shortly after commenting, Meadows said that "probably the choice of wrong words for me, like anything else."

"I think he is an American citizen." Meadows cleared at that time.

Michael Moore's liberal filmmaker said Meadows was a racist on the video link.

"The day of the angry, racist, white man will soon be the past, farewell," Moore added.

"I wonder if Rep Meadows is rationalizing" I'm not racist "by questioning the b / c legitimacy of America's first black president who was born in Kenya, or" anywhere "anywhere, wondering with Qasim Rashid's human rights activist.

Meadows office did not respond immediately to US TODAY request.

The congress expressed interest in taking over as Chief of Staff of John Kellyt Trump, but eventually dropped out of the race.

Tlaib claimed to have claimed that Patton was bringing the racist, but he said I was sorry if his comments seemed to indicate that he thought Meadows was racist.

Here are some other answers to Twitter's previous comments on Meadows.

Contribution: Ryan W. Miller

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