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McConnell looks at Trump, Paul, and a re-election for crisis management

Majority of the Senate Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellMcConnell: The House Choice Reform Bill does not receive the Senate Vote Lower Line Pelosi: We are fighting with Trump at Congress and in court if you veto the Emergency Declaration. (R-Ky.) Support is needed President TrumpDonald John TrumpWaters urges the "weaker heart" to "support the tribulation" The judge rejects the acceleration of American-born women who joined ISIS Hannity's explosions. and Sen. Rand PaulRandal (Rand) Howard PaulRand Paul says "at least" 10 GOP senators are ready to vote in Trump's emergency statement, Pelosi: We are fighting Trump in Congress and in court if you veto the Emergency Declaration on Money: Anxiety under Trump Tax | Dems launches Trump's wide probe McConnell says Senate Rejects Cross-Border Emergency New Debt Breakdown Begins (R-Ky.) To win a re-election next year, which means that you have to rely on two people to use an emergency statement for building a wall at the southern border.

The cautious GOP leader, who regularly suffers from poor ratings in his own country, never assumes political alone and always tries to minimize uncertainty.

This means you can't afford to have a public struggle with Trump or Paul, both of whom are more popular in the GOP basics.

This political reality helps explain McConnell's cautious moves during the landing between Republicans and Trump in the President's emergency statement on the wall.

McConnell made sure he didn't judge Trump and even offered his support, though he admitted last week he was not sure that he was completely constitutional – an argument from Paul.

At the weekend, the Liberal Senator said he would decide to reject Trump's emergency statement and receive majority support in the Senate. He claims that the President contradicts the will of Congress.

McConnell, a traditional man who opposed Obama's former president of extensive use of executive power, sometimes seemed to be showing strong sympathy for such arguments.

However, his re-election strategy is that, according to a recent Gallup survey, he and Mr Trump, who received 53% approval in Kentucky, will not be released.

"Donald Trump is very important" to re-elect a majority leader, says McConnell's consultant, Scott Jennings.

"The fact that they will be voting together in 2020 makes this relationship vital," he said. "It seems that McConnell's re-election odds associated with Trump cannot be bulletproof."

In a Kentucky Rally in October, Trump praised McConnell as "one of the strongest men in the world", "rock-ribbed Kentucky leader" and "hard cookie" for the Supreme Court justice. Brett KavanaughBrett Michael KavanaughSupreme Court refuses to listen to the church struggle for historical preservation funds. Rand Paul: The Supreme Court is likely to eliminate Trump's emergency statement. until confirmation.

But Trump is known to be loyal, and just one year earlier, McConnell was ruthlessly founded on Twitter to fail to obey the obamaCare laws.

Paul, who represents several Liberal and Tea Party wings of Kentucky GOP, is also an important ally.

“Support is important. McConnell last approved and worked more than they did, "said Jennings from Paul. "It is no secret that Rand Paul comes from a slightly different shore than Mitch McConnell, but most of the time is on the same side. Occasionally not.

McConnell is likely to face tough competition in 2020, though defeating the Democratic's aggressive efforts to defeat him.

Senate Democratic Leader Charles SchumerCharles (Chuck) Ellis SchumerSchumer demands Trump to apologize to Otto Warmbier's parents. Guardian of the Coast Guard accused of being charged with a gun in a terrorist camp. (N.Y.) Amy McGrath, a former combat mission who has flown dozens of combat missions in Afghanistan, is aggressively moving. Lost Veteran Rep. Andy BarrGarland (Andy) Hale BarrSchumer, urging Amy McGrath's ex-congressional candidate for McConnell House Dems and showing the GOP's 2020 initial goals. (R-Ky.) With a few points in November.

McConnell has a 38 percent approval rating and 47 percent rejection rating in Kentucky, according to a Morning Consult survey that runs from October 1st to December 31st.

In contrast, Paul received 43 percent approval and 38 percent approval in the same survey.

Paul told reporters on Monday that he would expect a total of 10 Republican senators to close the measure and said that the total vote could be within the distance of the 67th to override Trump's veto.

"The President cannot write executive orders that contradict the will of Congress, which it seems to be," he said.

"My hope is that I will come now to have a more complete discussion," he added. "According to my account, at least 10 people came to me saying they would vote to reject it," citing GOP colleagues.

"More than people think," he said. “If we get to 60 or more to 60, we'll only talk about a few votes [a veto override] it may happen."

Paul spoke to Trump at the weekend to explain his decision.

He told The Hill that he had clarified the full GOP conference on Tuesday when Vice President Pence attended a lunch meeting against the emergency statement.

– I had a great conversation during lunch when Pence was last week. I don't think anybody would have thought for lunch that I didn't make a decision, he said.

Paul's popularity at home was when Trump traveled to Kentucky in 2017 to rally a pressure on the independent-minded liberal conservative to vote for ObamaCare to repeal and replace legislation.

When you mentioned Paul Trump's name in the rally, the crowd was up aloud – louder than the answer, as Trump mentioned McConnell's name.

The Legislators' Relationship At the beginning of Paul's political career, it was difficult for McConnell to approve the Republican primary opponent, Trey Grayson, in a last trench to prevent the Tea Party insurgent from entering the Senate.

But McConnell assured Paul's decisive endorsement of his 2014 re-election campaign when he faced the conservative primary challenge of now-Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R).

It was a coup that prevented Bevin, who lost nearly 25 points from McConnell, to gain the momentum among the primary voters directed to Tea Party.

“It was important to avoid Paul's opposition. That would have been really confusing, ”said Al Cross, a journalist professor at the University of Kentucky and a long commentator on Kentucky politics. "What McConnell probably feared Paul would stand up to." If he had sat down, he would certainly have allowed Bev to use Paul's followers.

"There is no [Paul’s] Introducing limited use of this fund, ”he added.

McConnell returned his personal political intent by approving Paul's president in 2016, so he was the only senator.

McConnell's team asked Paul to campaign for their Kentucky boss in 2014 and is expected to resume this election cycle.

However, Paul's political value gives him more leeway to feel McConnell without penalty.

"They have an unusual relationship to try to be effective for all of them," the cross said.

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