McConnell suspends personal Republican lunches

As a precaution, the Democrats suspended their personal lunches in the spring because of the coronavirus epidemic.

Cases of coronavirus are on the rise across the country – and in Congress as well. At least 11 senators have tested positive for the virus or antibodies since the outbreak began, including at least nine Republicans.

Earlier this month, 87-year-old Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley announced a positive result for Covid-19. Grassley, as pro tempore president, is the highest Republican member of the chamber, so he will be in the presidency. He is the second oldest member of the Senate and is only a few months younger than the Democratic Senate of Dianne Feinstein, California, also 87 years old.
The oldest member of the House, Alaska’s 87-year-old Alaskan Republican MP Don Young, gave a positive result earlier this month. More than 40 members of the House of Representatives have so far tested positive for the virus, plus more incoming members.
Politico first reported that McConnell had suspended the gatherings.
The number of deaths in the United States could be nearly 266,000 by Saturday night, and a new wave of public health restrictions has been introduced to control the spread of the virus.

Experts fear the virus will spread across the country after Thanksgiving, despite warnings from public health officials not to travel and hold large gatherings.