McEnany’s husband attends the White House press conference without a mask

Mills confirmed to Johnson that Gilmartin was unmasked for the entire briefing, adding that he did not know that Gilmartin was McEnany’s husband when he informed her of the rules of the mask.

McEnany did not respond immediately to the email to ask for a comment on why her husband refuses to wear a mask at Wednesday’s briefing. White House Correspondents Association President Zeke Miller, an Associated Press reporter, also did not respond immediately to comments about the exchange.

Mills, a White House veteran photojournalist, is one of President Donald Trump’s favorite media members. Trump previously referred to him as a “genius” and “the number one photographer in the world”.

Also present at McEnany’s briefing was Chad Gilmartin, Assistant Press Secretary for the White House, who is a cousin of Sean Gilmartin. He didn’t wear a mask either.

McEnany, who gave a positive result for Covid-19 in October, refused to wear a mask while informing reporters during the coronavirus epidemic, citing the distance between him and the press body as he stood on the podium in the briefing room. There were a number of administrative officials who had been infected by three separate White House epidemics in recent months.

Earlier in Wednesday’s briefing, McEnany unveiled video clips in which democratic politicians violate local coronavirus restrictions or contradict their own public health guidelines – describing “images of hypocrisy by Democrats playing the loop”.

“These images that are behind me give a clear Democrat mindset: there are rules for you, but not for me,” McEnany said.

“We all know how to defend against Covid-19,” he added. “Wash your hands, social distance, wear a mask.”