Medical experts call for partial shutdown in Arizona as COVID-19 cases accelerate

Anyone who thinks they may have been exposed to COVID-19 during Thanksgiving is asked to test it now.

It takes five to seven days for COVID-19 to be detected by tests. There are five days since Thanksgiving on December 1, and the lines waiting to be tested were long at one location.

Valley health care providers say they are already treating COVID-19 patients who say they became infected after attending Thanksgiving gatherings.

“Yesterday was probably my first occasion at Thanksgiving, and that person became positive,” Dr. Andrew Carroll said. “This morning I saw a couple who also had a baby, saying they were also exposed at Thanksgiving.”

Dr. Carroll believes Arizona is at a much worse rate than the state in the summer.

“I think we’re starting to see that the number of new cases will be between 5,000 and 7,000 a day,” Dr. Carroll said.

According to Dr. Carroll, currently those who become infected during Thanksgiving but are asymptomatic are inadvertently spreading the virus.

“Failure by families to follow the guidelines will increase the risk of potential exposure at our school, and our goal is to mitigate those risks,” said Dr. Scott Menzel, Scottsdale Unified School District Supervisor.

SUSD officials closed several high schools and returned to virtual learning after many teachers called for some fear.

“Finally on [Nov. 30] which has 134 unfilled classrooms, Dr. Menzel said. – We have seen a similar trend [Dec. 1] in those high schools. “

Healthcare providers are now calling on local leaders to suspend their operations in bars, sports and other large venues.

“I think it’s clear that our state government won’t take strong action to alleviate this disease,” Dr. Carroll said. “My suggestion would be a targeted shutdown, in places and places where we know the spread will happen quickly.”

The leaders of the city of Phoenix will meet on December 2 to discuss possible new limits to major sporting events and competitions planned in urban sports complexes. Meanwhile, the mayor of Tucson has called for a city-wide curfew.