Melania Trump is on fire for JFK decorations after “mutilating” Jackie’s rose garden

The JFK portrait hangs in front of the White House’s red room, but this year the picture can also be seen on the Christmas tree decorations in the Vermeil Room (AP).

When the first lady, Melania Trump, revealed the Christmas decorations for the last festive season at the White House, one aspect stood out from the room dedicated to the Kennedy.

Located on the ground floor of the executive mansion, Vermeil Room features 1,600 display pieces of silver-plated gilded tableware, and this year the festive decorations were decorated with a theme by President John F Kennedy and First Lady Jackie.

A portrait of Ms. Kennedy hangs in the room with her other first ladies.

According to a statement from the Office of the First Lady, “In order to preserve the White House, Jacqueline Kennedy created the‘ People’s House ’as a living museum for the American people and laid the foundation for expanding the diversity of the collection. As part of his love of art and culture, the graceful trees feature an official portrait of President John F Kennedy. “

Some have come as a surprise that a Democratic president should be celebrated this way by a Republican first lady in the annual Christmas decorations.

However, Ms. Trump has said in the past that she sees Jackie Kennedy as a personal inspiration.

Ms. Kennedy has famously embarked on a complete restoration of the White House, closely linked to her decor and the tradition of inviting audiences to television tours – as is now the Christmas tradition when decorations are placed.

Others were less pleased with Ms. Trump’s homage to the Kennedy in light of how she oversaw the renovation of the famous Rose Garden earlier this year.

During Mrs. Kennedy’s first lady term, the garden underwent a major renovation in the French formal style, using American botanical specimens and ornamental trees.

This remained largely unchanged until the renovation under Trump’s supervision in the summer of 2020, which had a double repercussion against the first lady.

First, on extravagance and cost, amid the Covid-19 epidemic and recession; second in removing ornamental trees and changing the planting of flower beds, which some saw as an insult to the Kennedy.

In her Christmas appearance, Ms. Trump called these criticisms to JFK.

Twitter users did not hold back. One wrote, “KENNEDY? You ripped your wife’s Roses out of the garden and destroyed history.

Another echoed, “President Kennedy? Think of the husband of the incredible first lady whose Rose Garden you completely mutilated?

Others considered that there was no cultural event program in the White House during the Trump administration, which Jackie Kennedy wholeheartedly supported.

“Do you remember when there was art and culture in the White House?” When were there concerts, poetry readings and ballet? You stopped it all, ”Helen Kennedy wrote.

Trump’s intentions may have been good, but for many they will never be good enough.

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