Members of the Idaho Health Board targeted the homes of anti-mask protesters

The Idaho County Commissioner said Tuesday he must leave the virtual health council meeting because of anti-mask protesters surrounding his house.

“My 12-year-old son is now home alone and protesters are banging on the door,” said Diana Lachiondo, Ada County Commissioner, as she excused herself from a meeting of Idaho’s Central District Health Council, Washington writes. Post.

The protesters gathered separately in front of the house of board member Ted Epperly, who said the demonstration had a total of about 15 people.

“My house and Diana’s house are not under control,” he told board members.

Lachiondo later tweeted that he and his family were safe.

The board decided to vote that masks should be worn in public and around non-household members privately, while gatherings should be limited to a maximum of 10 people. Several demonstrators gathered at a Friday meeting for the order and tried to break the building. The panel decided to postpone the vote last week and police did not arrest him.

Demonstrations last week and Tuesday were allegedly organized by a far-right network affiliated with Ammon Bundy, an anti-government figure who occupied an Oregon wildlife refuge in 2016.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean (D), according to the Post, asked for the cancellation of Tuesday’s meeting after about 15 minutes, citing security concerns.

“Our officials have been asked to respond to people outside our community whose purpose here was to disrupt local government, intimidate their families,” McLean said in a statement tonight. – That’s not okay. Let me be clear: we will hold the perpetrators accountable. “

“This virus is severely affecting our community, and our team members and board are working tirelessly to protect the health of our community,” said Russ Duke, director of the Central District Health District Tuesday night. “We are simply asking those who disagree with these difficult points of contention and decisions to do so in a respectful manner and not endanger our staff, members of the medical board and law enforcement, all those who are critical of this response.”