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Michael Bloomberg will not chair in 2020

Thus, it may also be a question of examining a wider range of democratic candidates for criminal justice policy. Other rivals, including Biden and Senator Kamala Harris from California, were forced to defend themselves as traditional anti-crime policies continued in the past. As a New York Mayor, Mr. Bloomberg supported the stop-and-frisk police, targeting disproportionately black and Spanish people.

In a September interview, Mr. Bloomberg did not regret that he used aggressive police tactics as mayor, and questioned how many of the #MeToo claims were worthy of believing. He proclaimed his identity as a democrat as a default choice, referring to the promotion of abortion rights.

"It is impossible to imagine that I can run as a Republican – things like choice, so many questions that I'm just away from the Republican party," Bloomberg said.

Despite the friction areas on the left, Mr. Bloomberg's basic political problems – arms control and the fight against climate change – are more comfortable for Democrats than for Republicans. He has established closer ties with key democratic leaders, including Nancy Pelosi's housekeeper during the mid-term campaign.

Where Mr Bloomberg adapts to the purest of democracies, he is disdain for Mr Trump, who has been routinely divided and incompetent. After approving Hillary Clintont's President in 2016 at the mid-term elections of Mr. 2018, Mr. Bloomberg dropped his political influence behind the Democrats, spent about $ 112 million to raise the party, and spent much of this amount on devoting Parliament's control.

Mr Bloomberg welcomed the open ranks of the Democratic Party with open arms. On Tuesday, Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democratic minority leader in New York, praised Bloomberg in his brilliant language.

"Mike Bloomberg was a great mayor and would have been a strong candidate," Mr Schumer said. "I'm sure his passion for a country to stay better, though not as a candidate, especially on issues such as climate change, weapons, and President Trump's abuse."

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