Michael Cohen apologizes to Stormy Daniels for causing “unnecessary pain.”

Cohen is watching a podcast called “Mea Culpa” from his home on Park Avenue while serving the remainder of his home prison sentence. Cohen fills the last stage of the three-year cycle in part because he paid Daniels some money on behalf of the former. President.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, says they had a relationship between Trump and Trump in 2006 after marrying Melania Trump, who gave birth to their sons, Barron. Trump denied the matter.

Cohen pleaded guilty in federal court in 2018 for arranging a disclosure agreement for which he was paid $ 130,000, which was a breach of the campaign’s contribution during the 2016 election term because the payment was made in the service of the campaign and exceeded the federal border.

Cohen tells students that he and Daniels are talking to each other for the first time – disclosure logistics was mediated by his lawyer.

During the one-hour episode, the unlikely couple extracts the details of their Trump-related act and how it changed their lives.

“My battle begins now,” Daniels said, calling the inauguration of President Joe Biden “anticlimactic” because his litigation with Trump and his former attorney, Michael Avenatti, continues to evolve.

Daniels is pursuing a defamation case against Trump as the former president continues to deny the allegations.

“He’s not going to intimidate him again,” he told Cohen.

“I have nothing to lose, I’ve already lost everything, so I’ll take it all the way through,” he said of the lawsuit.

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Daniels told the podcast presenter, who became a lawyer, that he had lost friends and romantic connections during his dynamic story with the former president, including the recently divorced in the wake of the unfolding scandal.

“You know, that’s probably why I’m going to die alone,” she said.

Cohen made “mea culpa” for Daniels during the show.

“I’m sorry for the unnecessary pain I’ve experienced,” Cohen said.

“Thank you for speaking, and thank you for giving me a second chance.”