Michael Flynn’s call for “law of war” comes amid violent threats over Trump’s election defeat

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn – who was controversially pardoned last week by President Donald Trump – resubmitted the White House’s call on Tuesday to promulgate a military law and continue last month’s presidential election.

The appeal – made by the nonprofit We The People Convention in Ohio a Washington Times Tuesday’s announcement – urged the president to promulgate a “limited war law” to hold new elections.

The ad cited as a precedent President Abraham Lincoln’s suspension of the Habeas Corpus during the Civil War, adding, “Then, as now, a brave and determined president was needed to preserve the Union.”

The WTPC claimed that “the threat from the international and domestic socialist / communist left to the United States is far more serious than anything that Lincoln or our nation has faced in its history – including the Civil War.”

The president of the organization, Tom Zawistowski, issued a statement saying he was referring to “massive, planned, illegal electoral fraud committed by corrupt Democratic / Socialist Party staff across our nation to steal our vote.”

But the WTPC has not provided evidence to substantiate its allegations, which have been refuted by bipartisan election officials and Trump’s own Department of Justice.

Retired General Flynn tweeted a link to the appeal and wrote next to it, “Freedom never kneels except God.”

Flynn received presidential pardon last week for being convicted of lying to the FBI in 2017 over his ties with Russia.

The widespread pardon applied to all possible crimes that Special Adviser Robert Mueller may have committed in connection with his investigation into the Russian intervention in the 2016 elections.

His grace has become a matter of purpose for Trump’s supporters, who see President Barack Obama’s administration as a victim of alleged attempts to spy on and undermine Trump’s presidential campaign.

This conspiracy theory has also been widely rejected.

Flynn has also become a hero among adherents of QAnon’s conspiracy theory, which claims that Trump is at war in the shady booth of huge international pedophiles.

Trump, his campaign, and his allies maintain that in last month’s presidential election, a sophisticated election fraud campaign cheated.

The president and his attorneys have not submitted any evidence to support the allegation, and Attorney General Bill Barr said the Justice Department on Tuesday found no evidence of fraud that would have affected the outcome.

But Trump, along with some of his allies and supporters, nonetheless spread the theory of conspiracy.

Followers of QAnon, online extremists and extremist groups such as the WTPC have proved fertile ground for baseless allegations of election fraud, helping to create an alternative narrative in the conservative and social media that experts have warned could encourage real violence. .

War law, armed resistance to stop the supposed anti-Trump “coup,” and calls for World War II are often talked about on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Parler.

Partisan rhetoric becomes increasingly aggressive as they move to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20th.

Trump’s lawyer, Joe DiGenova, for example, said Monday that former U.S. election security chief Chris Krebs should be removed and shot at dawn because he claimed Trump’s defeat was not the result of voter fraud.

The president fired Krebs after refusing to support the election conspiracy theory. Krebs remained defiant, and a washington post office released Tuesday: “The 2020 election was the safest in U.S. history.”

Former National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, will leave the U.S. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Court Building in Washington DC on June 24, 2019
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