Michael Flynn’s calls for military law were blown up by retired officers

Barely a week after receiving presidential pardon for lying to the FBI, Mike Flynn calls for a state of war and sharply dismisses other retired senior military officers.

Retired Lieutenant Flynn, who was Trump’s first national security adviser and before him the most important military enforcer, filed a petition to the War Act on Tuesday. beep. “Freedom never kneels except God,” Flynn commented.

A petition by a tea party subsidiary, Tom Zawistowski, asked Trump to promulgate a “limited war law” and instruct the military to hand over the presidential election to reflect that he claims “the real will of the people”. . He specifically envisioned a “temporary suspension”[ing] constitution and civilian control of these federal elections. ”And that also reflects MAGA’s recent rise in despair as Trump’s efforts disintegrate in several courtrooms by overthrowing the election.

The petition compared even America’s bloodiest conflict to the current Trumpist’s inability to cope with the election loss. “Today, the current threat posed to the United States by the international and domestic socialist / communist left is far more serious than anything that Lincoln or our nation has faced in its history, including the Civil War,” it reads.

But the petition suggested that if Trump is not set for another term, his supporters will be embroiled in violence. “Without a fair vote, we fear that there is good reason for the threat of a shooting civil war,” he said.

One of Flynn’s armies in special army operations, retired Brig. General Donald Bolduc, who recently ran as a Republican in the U.S. Senate in New Hampshire, said he did not see the petition. But in principle, Bolduc called it irresponsible.

“I respect Mike Flynn, and many respect Mike Flynn, and with that respect comes a huge responsibility to be extremely careful with what you say,” Bolduc, who until recently commanded the African American, told The Daily Beast. special operations forces. . “We are nowhere near suspending the Constitution and using the military to repeat the election. That would be a huge mistake. Grant and Lincoln are rolling in the grave to see what the hell is going on here.

Paul Yingling, the retired colonel in the army, put it more bluntly. “Flynn’s anti-election propaganda is a fundamental precursor to violent terrorist attacks against legitimate election results,” Yingling told The Daily Beast. “When the bombs drop, the blood is in Mike Flynn’s hands.”

There was no significant electoral fraud in the 2020 elections. This was stated by Christopher Krebs, the election security chief of the Department of Homeland Security, who lost his job because he said it publicly. Even Attorney General William Barr, who supported the proposals for a “irregularity” vote, said Tuesday that the Justice Department had found no evidence that fraud could affect the election results.

Thus, Trump and his most feverish and astonishing supporters are searching for increasingly unsustainable conspiracies to explain their losses. Thomas McInerney, a retired three-star General of the Air Force and Trump’s loyalist, filmed an intricate fiction about an attack by Army special forces aimed at capturing a CIA server in Germany that is said to be involved in changing the vote counters. When Military times he asked McInerney to explain to the army, saying the raid never happened. The general replied, “President Trump won in a landslide, and the demes left so many footprints that this ARCAS must be stopped !!!”

Flynn, who appeared before McInerney this weekend in an extreme internet show, refuted an unproven claim that China had carried out a cyber attack to change the aggregation of votes.

Lin Wood, the lawyer who is trying to destroy Trump’s election loss, shared the same petition as Flynn on Twitter. “Our country is facing a civil war,” Wood wrote, falsely claiming that China is behind the looming conflict. “@ RealDonaldTrump must promulgate the law of war.”

Sidney Powell, a lawyer for Trumpworld who represented Flynn in his criminal case, also joined the calls for the coup and retweeted various Twitter users who called on Trump to refer to the uprising law and suspend the election and create “military tribunals. Powell, who is currently attempting to overthrow the presidential election in court, represented Trump until recently when his campaign was rejected following a catastrophic press conference.

At a press conference in Georgia on Wednesday afternoon, Wood and Powell announced several conspiracy theories about voter fraud, and Wood suggested that Trump’s followers should be involved in the pro-Trump uprising. More specifically, he called on followers to “surround” the Georgian governor’s mansion until Republican governor Brian Kemp agrees to hold a separate session on the state’s election results and then resign. “There’s 1776 in America again,” Wood told the crowd, about 24 hours after he demanded a council of war. – You will not buy our leave again.

The calls for military law extended to a wider network of right-wing media personalities. Joey Saladino, a fallen congressional candidate on YouTuber, best known for dressing in a Nazi costume as a “joke” and peeing in his own mouth (various events), spread the word about the coup on the Parler community site.

In response to the post, Trump’s supporters called for “military tribunals, public executions,” and more. “I say I DO EVERYONE TO LEAVE THE CHOICE OF SATAN AND ITS MINNONS !!!” another replied.

The far-right conspiracy page of Infowars has completely republished the petition. The endorsement article came a week after Infowars published a panicked headline that stated, “Democrats declare a law of war”.

Some Republicans have openly rejected these calls. “This ad, while protected by the First Amendment, is completely irresponsible, with no history, precedent or legal reason,” said Dave Yost, Ohio’s attorney general. tweeted about the petition. (The author of the document, Zawistowski, is a fixer of Ohio politics.)

Several retired officers who served at Flynn have decided to keep quiet about their irregular, inflammatory and provocative behavior for the past five years. This was continued by Flynn’s team of Special Advisers Robert Mueller for lying to the FBI, which Flynn pleaded guilty before turning around. And that continues as Flynn embraces the QAnon cult, which the FBI sees as a potential food for terrorism that he portrays as a martyr.

But Paul Yingling, who was the future commander of the future Trump National Security Adviser, HR McMaster HR Cavalry Regiment for Iraq, said Flynn is now inciting violence.

“The call for illegal new elections is an express violent call to overthrow legitimate elections. Even worse, Flynn knows he’s demanding violence, ”Yingling said.

“Flynn struggled with enough terrorist networks to understand this pattern: before terrorists detonate, place or build bombs, a propagandist radicalizes this bomb-making network,” he continued. – Flynn is the propagandist.

Flynn did not respond to the request for comments.