Michael J. Fox and his buddy, Gus

It has been 35 years since a lightning bolt sent Michael J Fox back into the future. Hill Valley’s hours never recovered. The film’s props were still stuck at 10:04, but the watch was taken off the famous perch at the Universal Studios wallpaper court, where correspondent Lee Cowan conducted a virtual interview with Fox.

“Yeah, I knew it seemed vaguely familiar,” the actor said.

We thought it was the perfect place to chat with the now 59-year-old Fox a Other a push into his life – his beloved dog, Gus, is now 12 years old. Roughly mutya – big Danish, Fox calls.

Gus plays a prominent role in Fox’s latest book, “There is no time like the future: an optimist thinks of mortality” (Flatiron Books).

Flatiron Books

“You know that no matter what your situation, whatever you feel, this animal is and is related to you, and you feel like it’s a power multiplier,” Fox said.

Gus stood by Fox for almost half the time Fox struggled with Parkinson’s disease.

Some days are better than others – it was somewhere in between. “It’s very come-and-going, not off, literally on and off,” Fox said.

– Good days, bad days? Cowan asked.

“Yeah, and I’m relatively on it today, but I’m over it, a little touch of too much medicine because it’s different every day – you get what you get.”

Two years ago, he got a tumor that had to be removed from his spinal cord. But when he returned home in a wheelchair, Gus was waiting.

Michael J. Fox with actor Gus.

Family photo

“Somehow he walks around in a wheelchair with this low breed woof woof, woof woofand he sat down in front of the wheelchair right in front of me and looked at me and said, “It will be okay.

Cowan said, “You seem to only get dogs when you’re not the best, right? If you’re not feeling well?”

“I know with Gus, you know there’s something else in me,” Fox replied. “And your instinct when you suffer from a chronic illness is sometimes to isolate you and make your world as small as possible so you don’t have so much to do. But a dog opens it up.

He swears people stop to talk to him in Central Park because of Gus, not because of Michael J Fox.

You will find a sign in the park. He says, “To Mike Fox and Gus. True people in New York.” Fox’s wife, Tracy Pollan, handed it to her for her birthday – a reminder that Gus is as human as anyone else sitting on a bench.

Their walks together mean more than most people will ever know, especially as Fox walks harder.

But he does not focus on the future; he has learned to be in that moment, in moments like this – where the restorative power of a robber kiss says it all.

A naughty kiss from your buddy.

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