Michigan doctors urge restaurants to keep customers away from COVID-19 by avoiding the rush to reopen

DETROIT – Michigan doctors are asking restaurants to help keep people safe by avoiding reopening.

Restaurants are asked to take a break from indoor meals to minimize infections. The call follows two reputable subway-Detroit restaurants circulating a letter asking the owners of other restaurants to reopen it, even as Michigan’s “three-week break” is extended.

“This industry is hanging on a chain,” Rosalie Vicari said. Rosalie and her husband, Joe Vicari, own the Vicari restaurant group, with top-notch restaurants like Joe Muer Seafood, Brownies On The Lake and several Italian Andiamo restaurants.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced a “three-week break” when COVID-19 cases soared into the skies in the weeks after Halloween. The order, which was executed through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Resources, required closed indoor dining and forced restaurants to go back to fulfillment, sidewalk, or transportation until the order was released. It expires on December 8.

“COVID-19 is an opportunistic pathogen that always looks after a human host, and premature reopening of canteens while infections are still high means serving the coronavirus on the silver platter,” said Dr. Ijeoma Nnodim Opara, MD, FAAP pediatrician in Detroit. “We all want people to get back to work and businesses to reopen responsibly, but Mr Vicari’s call for reopening, regardless of whether the health risk is reckless. The data and evidence show that restaurants, bars and cafes are most likely to spread COVID-19, and as physicians, we ask these businesses to contribute to reducing infections based on expert scientific advice so that we can all do our part in keeping people safer. The reopening of restaurants while COVID-19 is ruining Michigan and hospitals have few beds and staff is risking the lives of customers as well as waiters, chefs, cashiers, dishwashers and their families. “

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“We understand that these protections against COVID-19 can be financially stressful for businesses that are already burdened and sympathetic, but these businesses will suffer more devastating damage if customers and staff continue to get sick and possibly allow this unpredictable infection.” said dr. Opara. “If we fail to control this epidemic, we are committed to never giving ourselves a chance for economic recovery. We call on the federal government to provide temporary assistance to keep small businesses afloat without recklessly reopening and endangering more people. “

Based on Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, the state’s leading medical chief, Michigan hospitals are filling at an alarming rate as the incidence and positivity rates for COVID-19 continue to rise across the state. On November 19, Khaldun said all eight geographic regions of the state are experiencing an “alarming case and test positivity rate”.

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