Michigan justifies Biden’s victory by rejecting Trump’s fraud claims

Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate, marks health care at the Beech Woods Recreation Center on October 16, 2020 in Southfield, Michigan.

Chip Somodevilla | Getty Images

Michigan’s Supreme Electoral Board confirmed Joe Biden’s victory in the state’s presidential election Monday and hit President Donald Trump again as another blow to prevent the Democrats from winning nationally.

The Michigan State Advisory Board signed the popular election results with a 3-0 vote.

Republican board member Aaron Van Langevelde voted to justify Biden’s victory, along with two Democrats on the board, while another member of the GOP, Norm Shinkle, abstained.

The vote took place days after Trump held an unprecedented meeting in the White House with Michigan Republican state lawmakers who were believed to be working to have the state legislature nullify the referendum and appoint Trump’s electorate slate to the Electoral College.

After the meeting, lawmakers said they saw no evidence of fraud that would invalidate the referendum. They also said they would follow state laws that require voters from the State Electoral College to be the winner of a popular vote.

Ben Halle, a spokesman for Biden’s Michigan campaign, said in a statement Monday: “We appreciate the state body’s recognition of the obvious facts: President-elect Joe Biden won the state of Michigan by a staggering more than 150,000 votes – 14 times. Donald Trump in 2016.”

“We thank the state of Michigan for its support and look forward to 16 voter votes,” he said.

Jenna Ellis, senior legal counsel for the Trump campaign, said in a statement: “Certification by government officials is simply a procedural step. We will continue to fight election fraud across the country as we fight to count all legal votes.”

“We need to assure Americans that the end results are fair and legitimate,” Ellis said.

Trump’s campaign, without evidence, claimed to have been fraudulent in Michigan and elsewhere as a result of voting fraud. But these allegations have repeatedly failed to hold back in the courts where the campaign and Trump’s allies have filed a lawsuit.

The campaign last week rejected a federal lawsuit attacking the ballot papers in the Detroit area after falsely claiming the Wayne County Electoral Commission voted against justifying the results there. In fact, the board confirmed Biden’s victory in that county, but two Republican members of the board later said they wanted to withdraw their approval, which is not legally possible for the Michigan Secretary of State.

Caravan protesters are demanding from the Board of State Representatives to verify the election results in Lansing, Michigan, on November 23, 2020.

Rebecca Cook | Reuters

On Saturday, a federal judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a lawsuit filed by Trump’s campaign aimed at verifying the counties of the state to this day with their election results. Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar is expected to sign the county certificates once they are submitted. Trump’s campaign is appealing the decision.

Michigan and Pennsylvania are one of the states won by Biden that Trump won in the 2016 election.

Georgia is one of these states.

Georgia authenticated her votes last week, which showed Biden’s victory after the ballots were retold. The state is now performing a machine recount at the request of the Trump campaign.

Biden is currently scheduled to get 306 votes in the electoral college, 36 more votes than he needs to appoint the presidency.

Legal experts have little if Trump has any hope of invalidating a popular enough ballot paper for Biden in enough state to win enough electoral college votes to avoid defeat.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said Monday: “I commend the three members of the Canvassers State Board who have chosen to uphold the law and today ‘s verification of the 2020 election results.”

“The people of Michigan have spoken. President-elect Biden has won the state of Michigan by more than 154,000 votes, and he will be our next president on Jan. 20,” Whitmer said.

“I would like to thank Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and local notaries across Michigan who made sure this year’s election was free, fair and safe, as well as voters who appeared in record numbers to make their voices heard. Now is the time, to put these elections behind us and come together as a state to defeat our common enemy: COVID-19.