Mike McCarthy defends the failed fake punt that led to the loss of the Cowboys Thanksgiving in Washington

The Dallas Cowboys on Thursday weren’t exactly the happiest Thanksgiving as they got a 41-16 blow out of the hands of the Washington national football team. Although this game eventually got out of hand, it was largely a goal game in the first three quarters. What really ignited the match with the Washington attack and allowed them to go at the speed of light was a fake punt game called by Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy to play in the fourth quarter at 12:54.

At the time, Dallas was only 20-16 at a disadvantage and was in a position to bounce off its own 24-yard line. However, instead of starting the length of the field to make Washington a much harder way to find the end zone, McCarthy throws a fake punt.

Safety Darian Thompson received the direct blow, ran to the left, and handed it to buyer Cedrick Wilson, who turned back toward the middle of the field. According to the look of the play, he either had the opportunity to run or be thrown to Hunter Niswander’s penalty. Washington was not deceived by the Cowboys ’trick, as linebacker Khaleke Hudson first ruled out Wilson’s opportunity to pass it on to Niswander and then bumped into him as he tried to return to the fight line.

“It was a well-founded game call. It’s a good game plan,” McCarthy said of the failed fake point after the match via the team’s official website. “Their artillery made a good game, came out of it, and put us in high-low reading for Cedrick. It’s the nature of the plays. You can never transform them obviously if you don’t call, if you don’t.” I don’t believe in them. I clearly understood the situation when I was called. “

The failed chance of keeping Dallas’s attacks alive only put the club in a deeper hole. In the first game after the crashes, Washington footballer Antonio Gibson ran a 23-yard touchdown, the second of three in the afternoon. Following this unsuccessful fake point, Washington knocked out 21 unanswered points to pull off the victory.

“You’re not going to get anywhere if you’re constantly thinking about the negatives,” McCarthy said to the question of how much he weighs the risk of a negative outcome when he makes the decision to make that false call. “Obviously there is a film study that takes into account the call and the time of the call. But when you call it, you obviously want to transform it. You obviously understand the possibilities of the fourth down calls. Either convert or don’t convert. The game process , all those things are included in this decision. I have great confidence in our players and I have put them in a position to play. “

This loss currently puts Washington (4-7) in first place in the NFC East. They will continue to hold that position at the top of the division if the Giants (3-7) are defeated against the Bengals on Sunday and the Eagles (3-6-1) fall for the Seattle Seahawks on “Monday Night Football”. Dallas is currently in last place after the NFC East proved to be a pretty big swing game.