Mike Tyson draws with Roy Jones Jr. at the lively heavyweight show | Boxing

Mike Tyson showed a glimpse into a devastating Good Saturday night when the 54-year-old boxing icon returned to the ring for a lively show competition with 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr.

Both fighters had impressive moments during a fight that WBC judges unofficially decided to tie on the ring bank. Tyson and Jones fought eight two-minute rounds, and they both became smiling and seemingly healthy from one of the extremely unusual events at the Staples Center.

“It’s better than fighting for championships,” Tyson said of the heavyweight show, which raised money for various charities. – We’re humanitarian now. We can do something good for the world. We need to do this again.

The world’s former heavyweight champion, who returned to the ring after a 15-year absence, has garnered international attention, and Iron Mike has done everything he can to show off the form that has made him a legend for a generation of boxing fans. Tyson labeled Jones with body shots and a handful of headshots in a fight that was a fairly safe, glorious sparring session by the California State Athletics Commission.

“The body shots definitely brought the result,” said Jones, a former four-division world champion widely regarded as the most skillful boxer of his generation. – You have to take the punches Mike throws. I’m cool with a tie. Maybe we can do it again.

Jones walked with gloves and trunk in honor of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, while Tyson signed the all-black suitcase. After the pre-fight traditional splendor and the introduction by Michael Buffer, the fifty-year-old champions threw punches that echoed their glorious primes.

They are also often tied up on the inside, and the microphones of the empty arena sometimes hear their laborious breathing.

Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg’s witty television commentary was among the loudest noises inside the Staples, and he had a handful of hiccups, “It’s like my two uncles are fighting on the barbecue!”

Tyson and Jones were the protagonists of the most unlikely pay-per-view boxing event of the year, designed by the Triller social networking app and showcasing fights dotted with hip-hop performances in an empty arena.

He disfigured the event as some critical anti-sport spectacle, yet both Tyson and Jones seemed able and safe to handle themselves. Fans were clearly a fan, the show was hugely attracted on social media.

“I hit you with some good shots and you made it,” Tyson said. – I respect that.

In the main event, YouTube star Jake Paul knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson, stopping in the second round of Robinson’s professional boxing show. Paul recorded three punches in his second pro fight against Robinson, the three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion, before a right-hander put his face flat and seemingly unconscious.

Tyson retired from boxing in 2005, saying he already had “his fighting mind or heart” after he stopped his heavy loss to traveler Kevin McBride. Eventually, free from the relentless pressure of his sport, Tyson gradually straightened out his life, kicked off the drug addiction he described himself, and eventually managed to act, stage, do charity work, and even grow marijuana while settling into comfortable family life in Las Vegas with his third wife. and their children.

The thought of the boxing returning seemed warped, but Tyson set out on this unlikely fight when he started on a treadmill 15 minutes a few years ago, his wife causing him to lose 100 pounds. Workouts soon became multi-hour affairs that included cycling, running, and the final punch as he regained his athletic role through discipline and a vegan diet.

Tyson posted a video of how he collided with pillows in the early stages of the coronavirus epidemic on social media, and the audience’s overwhelming response led to more lucrative offers for the ring to return. With the opportunity to make money for himself and for charity, Tyson finally agreed – but he had to find his opponent.

Jones struggled steadily until the late ’40s, but thought he finished the sport after winning his last fight in 2018. He couldn’t resist the opportunity to take on Tyson after the big ones never met during their first professional career because Tyson was heavyweight and Jones was mostly lightweight (175 pounds).

Tyson and Jones negotiated with the California committee on the limits of the fight, and eventually arrived for eight minutes of hard sparring, with only a solemn judging and no official winner. The WBC continued to contribute to giving both fighters a solemn “Frontline Battle Belt”.