– Mini desk Tiny hands. Little Soul: Trump scoffed at giving a speech at a small table in American News

For the obsessed American president of size – his hands, his fortunes, the crowd – Donald Trump made a bold turn on Thursday night when he spoke to the country from a table seemingly designed as an elf.

Trump said Thursday he would leave the White House if the election college votes for elected Democratic president Joe Biden – the closest to admitting defeat – but his furniture has stolen the spotlight.

While harassing journalists and making unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud, the internet has zeroed in on its unusually small desk. There were those who called Trump’s reduced stature symbolic, there were those who wondered if they were photographed (not that), most just laughed.

Actor Mark Hamill tweeted, “Maybe if you behave yourself, stop lying to undermine fair elections and think about what’s good for the country, instead of whining about how they’re being treated unfairly, an invitation. you get to the big boy’s seat. table.”

The hashtag #DiaperDon they quickly noticed Twitter and people ridiculed the president as the baby was exiled to the children’s table at Thanksgiving.

Parker Molloy

Here’s how to remember Trump’s presidency: he throws a baby’s rage at his tiny little desk pic.twitter.com/T26DjF1fL4

November 27, 2020

“I thought this picture was photographed, but no, it’s just cheerfully symbolic! Mini desk. Tiny hands. Infinitely small soul,” tweeted Adam Lasnik.

Noah Maher

I still can’t believe this happened today.
Whoever suggested that desk … thank you.#tinydesk #TinyDeskDonald https://t.co/9sQ6Ko1bMA pic.twitter.com/xKuU0DVjUD

November 27, 2020

Trump later sent a blizzard of tweets, accusing the media of falsely posting his comments, and Twitter in the part he picked up by inventing “negative things”.