Ministry of Justice investigates possible presidential pardon bribery system – court records show

The case is the latest legal turnaround in the declining days of President Donald Trump’s administration, after several of his key advisers have been convicted of federal criminal charges and as the possibility of Trump graces those who have been loyal to him grows.

The DC District Court released 20-page partially revised documents on Tuesday afternoon. The records show that in August, Chief Justice Beryl Howell reviewed prosecutors ’requests for access to documents obtained as part of the investigation as part of the pardon investigation.

The submissions do not reveal the timetable for the alleged system or the names of the people potentially affected, except that communications between people, including at least one lawyer, were seized from an office that was raided sometime before the end of the summer.

To date, no one appears to have been publicly charged with a related crime.

This screening group at the end of the summer ensured that prosecutors did not receive damaged evidence that should have been withheld from them because it was privileged and had more than 50 digital devices, including iPhones, iPads, laptops, thumb drives and computer drives after investigators stormed unidentified offices.

Prosecutors told the court they wanted to get permission for the filter team staff. Prosecutors believed they had uncovered e-mails about the devices that allegedly presented criminal activity, including a “secret lobbying scheme” and a bribery conspiracy that “made significant political contributions in exchange for presidential pardon or revocation of punishment.” for a convicted accused whose name changes. , according to the extracted documents.

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Communication between attorneys and clients is generally held in a privileged position and locked out of prosecutors as they build their cases, but in this situation, Howell allowed prosecutors access. Lawyer-client communications are not protected by law as a privilege when it comes to a crime, unless otherwise noted.

“The political strategy for obtaining presidential grace is ‘parallel’ and separate from it [redacted]the role of lawyer in his case [redacted name]”Howell wrote in his court order.

The Grand Jury’s investigation also appears to apply to unnamed people who act as unregistered “lobbyists before senior White House officials” as they sought pardon and used a mediator to send bribes, open court records say.

However, prosecutors did not provide evidence of direct pay to the judge, instead proving that a person sought pardon for his past and future political contributions.

Investigators have indicated in court that they intend to “confront” three people with the communication and complete the investigation.

According to William Barr, there is no evidence of widespread fraud in the presidential election

Last week, the Justice Department told Howell that it intends to treat the submissions in the case confidentially in court because “individuals and conduct” has not yet been charged.