Missing Florida sailor rescued in capsized boat 86 miles from shore rescued by US news

A missing Florida sailor was found clinging to his ship, who had spent the night at sea before being rescued 86 miles off the coast of Florida by a passing container ship.

The 62-year-old Stuart Bee left Friday afternoon at Port Canaveral, Cape Marina, aboard the 32-foot ship of the Sea Ray. He did not return and disappeared on Saturday. A large air and sea mission was immediately launched.

There were no signs of radiation from the sea, but ships in a large area closed off from Florida were told to watch for the missing sailors. One such ship, the Angeles, spotted an upturned Sea Ray, supplemented by the fact that Bee was holding his ship tightly, the only part of the capsized ship above the water.

“It’s an amazing story,” David Micallef PO1, of the U.S. Coast Guard, told local news.

“We are very grateful for the Angeles motorboat and the entire crew for being sharply watched. And we’re just very grateful, especially during this festive period, to bring this man home to his family.

Bee told the media that the Sea Ray posed mechanical problems before a sudden water attack woke him up in his cabin on Saturday night, displacing him.

He managed to keep his injured ship, he said, and then kept it until he was rescued.