Mitchell Trubisky has a great day

Whenever Mitchell Trubisky’s failures occur, Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson are mentioned.

It’s not like you haven’t heard that yet, but Trubisky was drafted in 2017 before Mahomes and Watson. The Chicago Bears took second place overall, and that decision changed the luck of several franchises.

Mahomes became the NFL’s best quarterback. Watson is not far behind. Trubisky, to put it mildly, was not Watson or Mahomes.

Trubisky had a rough year in 2019, and the Bears switched to Nick Foles in the last offseason, and after a few games, they quickly prepared for Trubisky. Foles was injured and Trubisky got another shot. Sunday’s story was too rich: The phenomenal Watson came in with the Houston Texans to show the Bears and the Trubisky.

Sunday doesn’t change the fact that the Bears made a mistake. Watson is a pure star in the NFL. But it must have been nice that Chicago and Trubisky could come big with an easy win.

Trubisky surpassed Watson. Strange, but true. It’s worth reminding here that defenders don’t play individually like tennis and shouldn’t be assigned individual records. Houston did an impossibly bad job helping Watson, and the rest was solved by injuries. The Texans were incredibly thin around Watson on Sunday. The best player in Sunday’s match was Allen Robinson and Khalil Mack, and they are both playing on Trubisky’s side. Houston’s defense is horrible, and Watson has nothing to do with it. Trubisky did not beat Watson; the Bears beat the Texans.

Nevertheless, Trubisky did his part and then some. He was 18/21 at halftime with 180 yards and three touchdowns. The Bears led 30-7 at halftime and won 36-7. Trubisky finished with 126.7 passes.

One series summarized Watson’s questions. He threw a pass to a wide-open Jordan Akins, which Akins apparently lost in the sun, and the ball bounced off his arm. Watson thought he had touched the dive into the end zone, but was rejected just before the goal line. Watson was very hit by the game and left the game for a short time. It shouldn’t have been that hard, but Houston gave him very little help. This is Bill O’Brien’s legacy in Houston.

It’s not like the Bears have great infrastructure either, but Trubisky took advantage of what he had on Sunday.

The Bears did not choose Trubisky’s fifth-year option. They traded the Foles selection and reorganized his contract to guarantee him $ 21 million, a sign of a franchise that doesn’t know what he’s doing as a quarterback. A nice game shouldn’t change the Bears ’opinion of Trubisky, though at least it could create an interesting conversation with a strong ending. He was the second national team of the draft and scored the Pro Bowl in 2018 (whatever it’s worth), and he wouldn’t be the first quarterback whose development took some time. In order to understand it, he looked better ever since he returned from his shoulder injury and replaced Foles.

For the most part, it must have been nice that the Bears had a positive day. They lost six in a row. Trubisky, Coach Matt Great, and CEO Ryan Pace had to endure non-stop guesswork about their future. Whenever the Trubisky pick is brought up, so do Mahomes and Watson. Everyone who participates in the NFL is under constant pressure and when he loses, he becomes suffocating.

Bears can have weeks without relentless negativity. They still regret being handed over to Watson. We are very far from having Trubisky turned a corner. Big and Pace could still be fired. But on Sunday, Trubisky was better than Watson. Strange.

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (10) played well in the victory against the Texans.  (AP photo / Nam Y. Huh)
Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (10) played well in the win against the Texas. (AP photo / Nam Y. Huh)

Here are the other winners and losers of Week 14 of the NFL season:


Derrick Henry Awards: Running defenders no longer win the MVP. It’s a quarterback fee and something very weird has to happen for a runner to get into the mix. It would be nice to consider all positions, but it’s not.

Voters are considering the NFL offensive game of the year for runners-up, and Henry makes great arguments for that.

Henry played a monster match when the Tennessee Titans returned to the field with a 31-10 win. He had 180 yards and two touchdowns, not even in the third quarter. If the Jacksonville Jaguars had been competitive, Henry would have had a 300-meter shot and a single-player record. It’s not like Jacksonville can stop him.

Henry will get another rushing title, and his brilliance makes the Titans as difficult to play in the playoffs as the previous season. Henry is great and worth the four-year, $ 50 million deal he signed into Tennessee. You may even receive an award after the season, even if you are not the MVP.

Drew Lock and John Elway: It seems fair to assume that Elway and Lock are connected in a hip, but that may not be true. Elway is a Denver icon, and the ownership of the Broncos is a complete fiasco, so Elway has nothing wrong even with Lock’s latest failure in the quarterback.

But it would be better for the Broncos if Lock could finish this season well. Lock played the best game of the season at the Carolina Panthers as the short-lived Broncos easily won. Lock threw four touchdowns, a career high. His final score, a nice deep pass, gave KJ Hamler some insurance points for the Broncos and they won 32-27 with a late stop.

Lock looked good enough at the end of last season that the Broncos committed to being a 2020 starter. The Broncos had to think about each Lock’s fault this season as to whether they should try something else in the quarterback in the next offseason. If Lock can tie in a few more games, like Sunday, he can buy himself another year.

Andy Dalton: It’s not like a 3-9 team beat a 2-9-1 team, it’s such a problem, but it probably felt pretty good for Dalton.

Dalton returned to Cincinnati, where he was a longtime starter for the Bengals and led the Dallas Cowboys to victory. Dalton was replaced in Cincinnati, and it wasn’t as if it was a controversial decision after the Bengals got the first overall and took over LSU defender Joe Burrow. But there was still a chance for Dalton to go back and beat his former team that let him go. Dalton threw 185 yards and a couple of touchdowns in an easy 30-7 win.

Dalton reassured the Cowboys of attack and made this unit at least a little competitive. There’s not much you can do about defense or the Cowboys regret it. But he took revenge on Sunday.


Dan Bailey: Maybe Bailey kicked the Minnesota Vikings team out of a kick and fired himself.

Bailey had four scoring opportunities on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He missed an extra point early. Then he missed three field goals. Bailey was missing a 36 and then a 54 who was nowhere near. For the fourth quarter, Mike Zimmer probably didn’t want to let Bailey try again, but the Vikings attack went backwards and was fourth and the goal was at the 28-yard line. The Vikings had to kick. And Bailey missed a 46-yard.

The Vikings played well enough to win in many ways. They were hurt by Hail Mary’s rare pass-interference penalty. But they also fired when their kicks were fair from a distance. It was not. And for a team that arrived on week 14 with a 6-6 balance and battled for a wild card spot, the 26-14 defeat was brutal. And a lot of that is on Bailey.

Daniel Jones: It would have been better for the New York Giants if Jones had taken another week to keep his thighs healthy. Or maybe more than a week.

The Giants ’hot series suddenly came to a halt on Sunday, with a 26-7 defeat against the Arizona Cardinals. Jones returned from an injury to a thigh flexor and was horrible, going from 44 to 6 to 12 in the first half. He took three sacks and groped twice, losing one. The Giants scored 58 yards and four first shots at halftime against the Cardinals, which wasn’t very good. The giants only passed midfield, only halfway through the third quarter. They would have done better with Colt McCoy, last week’s starter. McCoy replaced Jones in the fourth quarter.

The giants still have a shot at winning the NFC East, but Sunday’s ugly loss opened up for the Washington football team to take first place. The Giants have done a lot of things well lately, but they need a much better game from their quarterback, whoever goes on.

Catching the leaders: The Miami Dolphins played well at home, forcing Patrick Mahomes to make more mistakes than he did for the rest of the season. And the dolphins still couldn’t win.

Mahomes threw three interceptions and took a 30-yard bag, but the Chiefs still led by 20 in the second half. Not that Miami is a bad team. It will only be difficult to beat the leaders, even if they make a lot of mistakes.

Chiefs can turn any game into a laugh with big games. Tyreek Hill scored a 32-yard touchdown and a 44-yard touchdown. Mecole Hardman returned 67 yards for one point for a touchdown. The dolphins led to 10-0 and were soon 30-10 behind. They gathered themselves to reduce their Kansas City lead to 30-24, but it’s not that simple to get a stop against the Chiefs. Kansas City was then able to drive for a field goal and won 33-27, winning the AFC West title.

That’s why they like the Chiefs to win another Super Bowl. Even if they are bad, they can convince a playoff racer relatively easily.

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