Mocking Rudy Giuliani’s voter fraud claims, Elizabeth Warren insists Katie Porter that this space is a circle

Massachusetts Democrat senator and California Democrat Katie Porter, a spokeswoman for Massachusetts, mocked unfounded allegations of voter fraud spread by President Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, in a Wednesday video.

Although President-elect Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the election more than two weeks ago, Trump is still unwilling to agree. The president and his legal team, without presenting evidence to the public or the court, claimed that Biden had won by widespread election fraud. More and more prominent Republicans opposed the allegations and urged Trump to accept the reality.

In a video Wednesday, Warren and Porter targeted Giuliani, a former mayor of New York City, pointing out he was asking Americans not to take the facts into account in addition to his wild claims.

“Elizabeth and I are going to play. I’m going to play Neutral Observer and Elizabeth Rudy Giuliani,” Porter says in the clip, explaining the scenario he and the senator will be performing soon. “Rudy, I’d like you to tell me what shape it is,” the congressman says, lifting a small board with a square sketch.

“It’s a circle,” Warren replies firmly, exposing Giuliani to pretend.

“Everyone says it’s a square,” Porter tries to explain.

“They’re wrong. They’re lying,” Warren insists, still playing Trump’s lawyer. “If you take the edges – it’s a circle. So just wipe them Katie. Wipe them off the board.”

After Porter explains that the edges are an integral part of the shape, Warren replies, “Look, the edges are scams. You can’t count them. The edges aren’t legitimate. Just delete them.”

Newsweek commented on Giuliani’s company, but did not receive an immediate response.

Although Giuliani did not provide evidence to support the Trump campaign’s allegations of widespread fraud, he argued that votes should be thrown out – especially in cities with large black populations.

“These votes were basically cast in Detroit to get Biden to 80-20,” Giuliani said at a press conference in Michigan last week. “So you see that that will change the outcome of the Michigan election if you take Wayne County out.

But because Detroit and the county where it is located are an integral part of Michigan, there is no legal basis for throwing out Wayne County votes.

Michigan’s results were officially confirmed on Monday.

Rudy Giuliani
The Nov. 19 photo shows President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, at a press conference at the Republican National Commission in Washington.

The demands and legal actions of Trump’s legal team since the election have been widely criticized even by some of the president’s close allies and personal friends.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a supporter of the president who helped him prepare for the September debate against Biden, told ABC News This week on Sunday that the Trump campaign legal team became “national embarrassed.” Geraldo Rivera, a friend of Trump and a great correspondent for Fox News, described Giuliani’s claims as “silly things” and “from the other side of the moon.”