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More snow on New York weekend

Syracuse – More snow is possible on New York weekend with Saturday and Sunday weather systems.

The first of these is a weak, damp-hung, low pressure that runs southeast across the Great Lakes on Saturday.

The temperature rises Friday night before the system. At dawn on Saturday the temperature should be in the low 20s, mostly in the cloudy sky.

Snow showers will be possible as the light snow continues in the afternoon. During the night, the snow will be a little narrower under dry conditions.

On Saturday, the accumulation of snow should be around one inch.

In the early afternoon, high temperatures on the southern edge rise to the middle of the 1930s. As the cold front of the system passes, the wind turns northwest and the temperature begins to retreat.

On Sunday, the cloudy sky begins and the temperature is low in the 20s. The winds are changing as the Saturday system starts and the Sunday storm is formed.

This system is rapidly gaining strength on Sunday as it quickly travels from the Lower Mississippi Valley to the Central Atlantic.

The exact course of the storm is uncertain at this moment. The center of New York is at the edge of the storm, which means that the slight shift can drastically change the forecast.

However, the trend was on a northern track. This means there are more snow in New York.

If the trends are held, the snow will be formed in the afternoon and may be difficult at sunset. There is still a chance that only small accumulations will occur, but it is more likely that snow will affect the journey on Sunday and any Monday morning.

It will continue to monitor forecast updates when the forecast continues to evolve.

Saturday will be a low-impact snow. Sunday weather is more uncertain, but may be significant at the end of the day.

See forecasts for each day:

Low in the morning: 20s
Afternoon peaks: mid-30s
Cloudy Overcast. Mostly cloudy.
Rain: Rain, especially in the afternoon.
Wind: southwest, 5-10 mph, gusts up to 15 mph.
Trust: Average

Low in the morning: 20s
Afternoon peaks: low 30
Cloudy Overcast. Mostly cloudy.
Rain: Snow may be heavy in the afternoon and evening.
Wind: NW at 5 mph.
Trust: below average

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