“Mutual feeling” when we respond to Kelli Ward’s tweet telling him to “forget the hell”

At a press conference on the COVID-19 epidemic in Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey responded to the rather confrontational tweet of Arizona Republican party chairman Kelli Ward about justifying the November election.

On November 30, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs confirmed the choice, which shaped President – elect Joe Bidens, won a narrow victory over incumbent President Donald Trump, despite Trump ‘s lawyers basically alleging election fraud.

In the final standings, Biden won by 10,457 votes, or 0.3 percent of the nearly 3.4 million votes cast. Eleven Democratic voters will meet Dec. 14 to formally promise Aiden’s election votes to Biden.

After certification, Governor Ducey a tweet series defending the Arizona voting process.

Ward later criticized Governor Ducey on Twitter. In his response to the tweets Ducey sent, Ward wrote that “# STHU #ElectionIntegrity is missing in Arizona.”

According to dictionary.comSTHU is an Internet acronym that means “to hell.”

At the press conference, a journalist asked Governor Ducey for an answer to what Ward tweeted.

“I think what I’d say is a feeling of reciprocity with him and practice what you preach,” Governor Ducey replied.

Trump, campaign lawyers continue to push allegations of unfounded fraud

The election challenges posed by the Trump campaign or its supporters in key battlefield states were largely unsuccessful as Trump continues to claim voter fraud while refusing to agree.

There is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 elections. In fact, election officials from both political parties have publicly stated that the election was a success and international observers have confirmed that there are no serious irregularities.

The Phoenix judge scheduled a December 3 trial in Ward’s lawsuit aimed at destroying Biden’s victory in the state. Judge Randall Warner lets Ward’s attorneys and experts compare the signing of the 100 postal envelopes with the documents to determine if there are any irregularities.

Hobbs ’office says there is no factual basis for such a review. Ward’s lawyer, Jack Wilenchik, interrogated by Warner, says Congress will decide the presidential race if the court annuls the results.

Another Phoenix judge had already rejected the Arizona Republican Party’s offer to postpone verification of election results in Maricopa County – which includes Phoenix and the state’s most populous state – and rejected the party’s legal objection to a new check on the ballot sample.

The Associated Press (AP) contributed to this report.