“My God, stop the nonsense”: Mayor of Chicago unloads McConnell over Covid’s relief

While there is a bilateral agreement to write a new set of incentives, McConnell has prompted negotiators to drop two of the negotiations ’biggest points of contention: Democrats’ desire for state aid and Republicans ’hopes of protecting employers potentially facing Covid lawsuits.

“I know there’s a lot of posting going on in Washington DC, but dear God, stop the nonsense,” Lightfoot said. “Do something. We hurt here, in the heart and across the country, and we need the federal government to act and do its job.”

Chicago, like many cities in the country, suffered huge losses due to the impact of Covid-19 on tax revenues. The Chicago City Council last month approved a $ 12.8 billion budget for 2021, which includes a $ 94 million property tax increase, along with an increase in fees and fines to help increase the $ 1.2 billion budget deficit. The city, the state of Illinois, and much of the Midwest have risen in recent weeks with Covid-19 cases and deaths, triggering new restrictions on restaurants and other businesses that have already remained afloat.

Some Republicans have modestly supported democratically difficult cities, while McConnell’s close allies say some states do not need help with an approach focused on supporting schools, colleges, childcare, and individual assistance.

“If we basically turn our backs on state and local governments at a time when we’re bleeding and investigating severe service cuts, pulling people out into the streets and unemployment, we’re holding back services that can really stimulate the economy – it’s incredibly short-sighted,” Lightfoot said.