Navy to dismantle and scrap USS Bonhomme Richard warship after severe fire

The amphibian attack ship was in the port of San Diego in July to be upgraded to accommodate the new Marine Corps F-35B aircraft when a huge fire erupted aboard the ship in one of the most expensive gatherings in modern naval history.

Navy officials say the ship will cost $ 2.5-3.2 billion to restore and will take five to seven years, saying about 60% of the ship will need to be replaced.

“After a comprehensive material evaluation in which various courses of action were considered and evaluated, we concluded that it was not financially responsible for its restoration,” said Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite.

The Navy has also looked at how much it costs to convert Bonhomme Richard’s remains into another type of ship, such as a hospital ship, but such a conversion could cost more than a billion dollars – more than building a brand new similar ship. .

The commissioning and scrapping of the vessel is estimated to cost only $ 30 million and will take nine to 12 months.

“We have come to the conclusion we need to dismantle the platform,” Admiral Eric Ver Hage, commander of the Naval Regional Maintenance Center, told reporters on Monday’s conference call.

Officials said top naval leaders, including Braithwaite and naval operations chief Mike Gilda, made the decision last week.

Amphibian attack ships

The fire on board the Navy’s warship was extinguished after a four-day rampage. Officials say the cause of the fire is still being investigated, but the flame appears to be one of the most expensive in naval history.

Construction of the USS Bonhomme Richard cost $ 750 million when it was commissioned in 1998, which is about $ 1.2 billion in today’s dollars.

The U.S. Navy is no longer building a ship class and has replaced it with another American class.

A new America-class amphibian attack ship is priced at about $ 4.1 billion.

Amphibious attack ships are designed to support Marine operations by delivering Marines, helicopters, and aircraft that can transport and provide air support to a naval expeditionary unit.