NBA free agency: 3 players the Clippers would consider trading

On that unpredictable April night in Oakland, Landry Sham ran three fingers toward her bench.

With the three-pointers of the rookie Clipper guard, he was pushed just two times down once by two points. Fifteen seconds later, when the 2nd game of the 2019 playoff series came to an end and the leading Golden State fell victim to the biggest return of the season, Clippers headquarters Montrezl Harrell was pushed towards midfield and beat his chest with both hands.

A few months later, the team’s gift to Shamet arrived: The Clippers poster enlarged the photo of the forward shot to size and sent it to the rookie guard as a memento.

The gift was supposed to freeze an unforgettable post-season moment for a franchise, with little. Now, it serves as a reminder that things in the NBA tend to change quickly.

Nineteen months after his return, in order to compile a list worthy of the tournament, the Clippers restructured almost all of their coaching staff and began to move on from memory of the Golden State playoff series last week. Last week, the team exchanged Shamet for Brooklyn and saw Harrell leave for the Lakers as a free agency. Harrell told reporters on Monday that he had decided to leave after he felt he no longer wanted his former team.

Three days during free agency, the Clippers confirmed their rotation by agreeing to re-sign strikers Marcus Morris and Patrick Patterson, seducing respected big man Serge Ibaka from Toronto and trading with Guardian Luke Kennard. Nevertheless, as the Lakers prepare to defend the league and other rivals in the Western Conference take significant steps against the challenge, many league observers believe the Clippers have not yet made a change to their roster when they make another attempt at the franchise’s first NBA to win your title. .

Since the free agency has almost taken the step, the Clippers ’best chance may require the trade route to get the arcade guard, the effective security wing, or the big man on the floor on the trade route. Due to the Clippers ’limited financial flexibility and lack of future selection, their most valuable assets may be the last remaining members of the 2019 roster: starting center Ivica Zubac, starting guard Patrick Beverley and reserve guard Lou Williams. Luckily, timing may be needed to find any of his upgrades, and the suitor must appreciate the same as at the Clippers.

One of the three rival executives said Zubac, a 23-year-old 7-footer, “has the greatest value because he’s a real big man and still young,” it’s time to develop further.

The Clippers focus on Ivica Zubac playing against the Denver Nuggets.

Clippers-focused Ivica Zubac is buzzing against the Denver Nuggets in the September 15 semi-final of the Western Conference.

(Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press)

Zubac has three years left on a contract that pays $ 7 million a year and averaged 9.1 points and 7.2 rebounds while allowing 56% to shoot within six feet of the playoffs. As much as other teams were at all interested in Zubac, the Clippers would probably be reluctant to consider such a request after a reliable upfield and rebound with good hands and nimble legs turned out during their off-season breakout performance.

A second executive said any trade involving Zubac would likely bring a stable player with a similar contract, but there would probably not be much capital gains beyond the second round.

The refurbishment of the back court was at the center of the team’s offseason after the attackers and the wings took on the majority of the offensive play last season. Williams, the most successful reserve in the league’s history, could be valuable to playoff teams due to his immediate attack, a third executive said.

Williams, 34, is in the final year of his $ 8 million-a-year contract, and expiring contracts are attractive to teams looking to create a pay limit outside of the next period. Yet one man warned that in the off-season, a 39% shot in his career – three percentage points lower than his career average – could diminish its value due to defense deficiencies and age.

“He can still score, but his age is against him,” the executive said.

Throughout his career as a 38% three-point shooter and triple overall defense, Beverley remains a key element of the starting lineup, overtaking opponents by 9.6 points per 100 posts in the post-season. When Beverley was on the floor last year in the regular season, the Clippers were worse in attack and defense, although those numbers reversed in the offseason when he struggled with a calf injury. Golden State’s defense against Kevin Durant in his 2019 playoff series characterized his unwavering style.

Nonetheless, every executive said Beverley is the hardest to gain value in any potential trade, due to inconsistent health and a contract that will pay him $ 27 million over the next two seasons. This contract, one executive said, was a “negative” that could require Clippers to attach traps to any transaction.

The NBA has not yet announced a trading deadline for next season. So much so that the contestants assess all the possibilities to become better. That’s all Harrell said Monday, nodding to his current team.

“If you’re not one of the top players in our league and we all know who those players are, everyone can be released,” Harrell said.

Co-writer Dan Woike contributed to the report.