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Netanyahu is accused of violating fraud, bribery, and trust, Israel's lawyer recommends

JERUSALEM – Israeli lawyer advised Thursday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a letter addressed to Israeli senior lawyers, is accusing him of fraud, bribery and breach of trust, showing uncertainty over his political future a few weeks before re-election.

Netanyahu firmly denied the allegations against him and had the opportunity to defend his defense before the final decision of Prosecutor General Avichai, when he accuses him. However, the recommendation indicates that the Supreme Legal Authority of Israel believes that there is sufficient evidence to continue the trial.

Mandelbl said Netanyahu had to be responsible for fraud and trust in case 1000. The case focuses on statements that his wife, Sara, received cigars and jewelery worth $ 280,000 in exchange for political discounts. Billionaires are supposed to be Israeli-born Arnon Milchan, whose film credits include "Fight Club" and "Pretty Woman" and Australian business leader James Packer.

When the Israeli police issued a recommendation to Netanyahu last year, they were told they were suspected of extending the tax exemption for residents returning to Israel after 10 years, which would have been beneficial to Milchan. Netanyahut is also accused of helping Milchan obtain a visa from the United States by lobbying US senior officials.

Mandelbl also suggested linking the Prime Minister to the 2000 case, which focuses on a deal allegedly with Arnon Mozes, the journalist Yedioth Ahronoth and the news site of Ynet. Under the agreement, Netanyahu promoted legislation to weaken Mozes' competitors for good coverage.

Another case, in the case of 4000, the lawyer recommended that the prime minister be displayed. Netanyahu is accused of facilitating business regulation by Shaul Elovitch, the majority owner of the country's largest telecommunications company, on Walla's website of good reputation. , owned by Elovitch.

Avichai Mandelbl, Attorney General of Israel, will attend an event in Jerusalem with the Presidential Union on July 19, 2017. (AFP Contributor / AFP / Getty Images)

The Israeli police said it had provided evidence that from 2014 to 2017, while Netanyahu served as communications minister and prime minister, intervened with regulators to help unite Bezeq with another big Israeli communications company. In return, Elovitch instructed Walla's journalists to provide the Prime Minister and his wife with favorable coverage of the police statement.

Journalists, including editors-in-chief of the website, publicly talked about how the headlines and photos were changed and removed or supplemented the content enhancing the Prime Minister's image.

Before the announcement of Mandelblit, Netanyahu's lawyers made a statement on Wednesday, calling it "ridiculous" with the accusation of laughter.

Prime Minister Netanyahu received nothing from Elovitche and gave him nothing. Walla's coverage was negative and intensified before the elections, ”he wrote. They said that the prime minister "acted flawlessly, and that" this tower tower would soon collapse. "

For more than 13 years, Israel's leader, Netanyahu or Bibi, has become practically synonymous with Israel's premiere. But Mandelblit's move can increase your chances.

Netanyahu framed the statements as part of the left-wing conspiracy to defeat him because his opponents could not win the ballot. Political analysts have widely acknowledged that it was an attempt to send their election early on 9 April this year, before the legal troubles caught up with it.

At the beginning of the month, 60 other witnesses in the lawyers questioned the issue that would have extended the process after the vote, but Mandelbl said he was talking to everyone.

On Monday, Netanyahu released a brief video that Ayelet Shaked Minister of Justice should disclose the documents he has disclosed to prove his innocence in case 4000. as Minister of Communications, while respecting the legal process and in consultation with the relevant authorities.

Shaked replied that he could not intervene in criminal proceedings.

Last year, the Israeli police suggested that Netanyahu be charged with charges of three corruption cases, including fraud and breach of trust. Many of his main assistants have replaced the state's witness to the charges of corruption and agreed to provide evidence of immunity.

In the Israeli judicial system, the prosecution authority is with the lawyer.

Mandelbl has made a serious decision to proceed to the indictment before the electoral process, as this suggests that accusations of interference in the electoral process. But waiting for criticism would have asked for the public to get important information to the public.

Netanyahu argued that the Mandelblit movement is not democratic, because it means that the voters listened to the accusations, but without the prime minister having the opportunity to provide full protection. He compared the fact that he cut off a man's arm for theft, only to be released later. – Can someone give back his arm? Can someone give you the election?

Some polls indicate that Netanyahu's legitimate troubles can pay up to four seats. Last Chief Chief Chief, Benny Gantz, former Army Chief, joined forces with another Netanyahu opponent, Yair Lapid. They are known as the Blue and White Party, and their neck and neck are chosen by the Netanyahu's ruling Likud faction.

Political observers say that even if Netanyahu's party occupies the highest position, their legal troubles can make it difficult for him to build a coalition in need of government.

An uprising battle for either party to overthrow the Israeli leader, but an indictment can change things, said Dahlia Scheindlin, an Israeli political opinion expert who has worked on five campaigns with a "monkey key".

– Will he be under pressure to give up? Some of his base thinks there will be nothing because there is nothing. But how many will believe this? It's hard to predict, he said.

The prime minister said that he would not leave even if he was charged, and under Israeli law he had no obligation to do so until he was convicted and the appeal process was exhausted.

"There will be nothing because there is nothing," the term that is often repeated.

But there is a legal precedent that ministers will be forced to leave after the charge.

If they are accused, it is almost certain that Netanyahu's competitors or civil society organizations will lodge an appeal to induce him to stop his resignation, said Guy Lurie, a researcher at the Institute for Democracy in Israel.

Legal experts say that Netanyahu's defense lawyers can pull the negotiation process for months, and that Mandelbl may eventually decide not to continue.

If Netanyahu lasts until July, it becomes Israel's longest-serving prime minister, leaving the country's founder, David Ben-Gurion.

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