Nevada Governor ‘Unconscious’ Trump Recommends Reno COVID-19 Surge Unit ‘Fake’

Nevada Gov. Steve SisolakSteve SisolakHome Democrat showed a positive result for COVID-19 19 days after his mother’s death. Nevada Supreme Court unanimously approves Biden’s win, Nevada governor’s 3-week state break (D) issued a statement of release thereafter on Tuesday President TrumpDonald John Trump: Geraldo Rivera doubts Trump, who is sowing the election result: “That’s enough” Murkowski: Trump has to confess to the White House contest. Scott Atlas resigns from Trump’s coronavirus consultant MORE in a tweet suggested that Reno Hospital’s overflowing coronavirus unit in a parking lot was “fake”.

Trump retweeted the account, which claimed that the picture of the doctor in the hospital was “fake” because the patients were not visible and the unused beds were in the background.

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“The consistent misleading rhetoric of COVID-19 is dangerous and ill-considered, and today’s conclusion that Renown’s alternative place of care is‘ fake hospital ’is one of the worst examples we have seen,” Sisolak wrote.

The governor said Trump’s remarks were “unconscious” during a public health crisis.

“Their health workers cover up every day, go to work, and care for the most needy Nevada,” he wrote. “They, too, fear being infected and breeding this virus in their homes for their families, yet they sat by the beds holding patients’ hands so they didn’t have to be left alone. I am not a liar, as the President pointed out – they are heroes.

The Mountain turned to the White House for comments.

The Renaissance Regional Medical Center in Reno this month converted its car park into a temporary hospital to help additional COVID-19 patients.

The $ 10 million project, which took 10 days to complete, is fully equipped with all the beds, tools, and supplies needed to treat clinically stable or improving coronavirus patients.

The image in question was released on Sunday by Jacob Keeperman, an emergency department doctor who spent his first clinical week on site.

He thanked the staff working to help the patients and wrote that “everyone is struggling to keep their heads up” after five people died within 32 hours.

Keeperman told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he was “completely shocked” to see Trump’s tweet.

“I thought my first tweet was really to thank all the health workers, all my teammates,” Keeperman said. “I mean, it’s incredible to me how to polarize and politicize something like this.”

According to the doctor, the picture was taken in the hospital garage “on the day we opened this place, just before the first patient arrived”.

He also hit the other Twitter account, which suggested the image had been manipulated as no one was visible, saying he would never photograph a patient.

On Tuesday morning, Keeperman told the newspaper that 44 COVID-19 patients were in the garage.

“It’s not fake,” the doctor said of his photograph. – It’s very real.