New mask rules, restriction of Montgomery Co. gatherings after the COVID-19 spike

Montgomery County limits indoor gatherings to a maximum of 10 people and requires exterior face masks that are valid at 5 p.m.

Just before Thanksgiving, the Montgomery County Medical Officer in Maryland is introducing new coronavirus safety restrictions, including a reduced cap on the size of gatherings.

In a statement, Dr Travis Gayles said an indoor gathering of more than 10 people is prohibited from 5pm on Tuesday. Masks are always required outdoors and in all public facilities.

The move comes when a multitude of surrounding municipalities introduce new restrictions due to the surge in COVID-19 cases, and family reunions are the main drivers of this growth, Gayles said in a statement.

“The follow-up data from the contact shows that a significant proportion of state cases take place at family and group gatherings,” Gayles said.

“It is extremely important that we all think about our collective responsibility, which will help slow down the spread of COVID-19. The number of cases continues to rise at an alarming rate and we need to take more drastic steps to reduce transmission. “

According to the announcement, the number of cases of the virus in Montgomery County has increased by more than 2,000.

The directive also states that valve masks and face masks without masks are not considered adequate face masks.

Businesses that are allowed to open are still limited to 25 people, and the ceiling for outdoor gatherings remains 25.

You can read Gayles ’full policy on the Montgomery County website.

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