New Orleans swingers conference led to 41 Covid-19 infections, event organizer says

The owner of an event company said his four-day swingers conference in New Orleans last month was tied to 41 new coronavirus infections.

The number of cases for the “Naughty N’awlins” convention, which began Nov. 11, jumped from five positive tests to 41 confirmed cases in days, wrote Bob Hannaford, owner of Mischievous Events, in a blog post on Friday. Hannaford wrote that the company approached participants to urge them to test and conduct “very aggressive” contact.

Although the majority of cases were mild or asymptomatic, at least two people had “harder times” and “suffered.”

It is not clear how many of the 300 participants in the Congress were positive. Hannaford did not respond immediately to a phone call asking NBC News to comment.

“You see, we have no idea how many people were tested after our event, nor whether someone was positive and didn’t tell us,” Hannaford wrote. “There may be people who are positive but have no symptoms, so they’ve never been tested.”

Naughty Events issued a wristband that indicated if the individual had presented papers to prove that he or she had an antibody and other wristband that indicated the individuals ’last negative test result. Participants had to take social duty off the lines and also wear masks in public spaces, Hannaford wrote, but some participants admitted they were more relaxed in the final days of the conference.

“Sometimes it’s okay to admit we don’t have answers,” Hannaford wrote in her blog. “I have no answer now, and on November 11, the day our event began, I had no answer. But I wouldn’t do it again if I knew what I know now. It will weigh on me and will continue to weigh on me until everyone is 100% better. “

The four-day conference was held on the same day in New Orleans 3.3. A plan to reopen its section, which increased the size of assembly and indoor seats. The number of indoor events was up to 100, masked and socially distant, and permits required special events and live entertainment, writes NBC News subsidiary WDSU.

A New Orleans city spokesman confirmed to NBC News on Tuesday that the Naughty Events convention is not licensed. The spokesman did not respond immediately to the email as to whether the company is being investigated for violating the city’s corona virus restrictions.

New Orleans has since undergone stricter coronavirus restrictions after Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards introduced stronger guidelines amid a nationwide peak in cases. According to NBC News, there were more than 13.6 million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, and there were more than 232,000 in Louisiana as of Tuesday afternoon.