New York City is opening its first hospital since the spring when Covid-19 cases jump

Successful cases of the coronavirus in at least one part of New York City have forced it to reopen a hospital that has not been used since the early, dark days of the pandemic, the official said Monday.

The temporary facility at Staten Island University Hospital was operated from early April to late June as part of the first response to the epidemic, authorities said.

The first patients to arrive at this reopened hospital are expected to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday. For now, it can accommodate up to 108 patients and can be expanded to 250 if needed.

According to the New York Department of Health and Mental Health, the number of new cases discovered on Staten Island between November 14 and last Thursday ranged from 102 to 165.

By comparison, on July 4, the working day of September 7, and Columbus Day, October 11, the number of new cases was 12, 19, and 14, respectively.

James Oddo, president of the Staten Island district, elected his own constituents on Monday.

“We’re in control of our own destiny and not doing a good enough job as we should,” Oddo told NBC News on Monday.

“It’s about personal responsibility. It’s a part of town that likes to talk about personal responsibility in a larger, global, political context. It’s about us. It’s about our own behavior.”

Tia Richardson, sitting to the left, Gracelyn Morris, the center and Kenned Yakpoh will keep records from residents before giving coronavirus tests at the Central Family Life Center on Staten Island on November 10, 2020.Mary Altaffer / AP file

Dr. Brahim Ardolic, executive director of Staten Island University Hospital, traced this summit back to “breaking the rules of social distance and wearing masks” in late October and early November. But he hopes Staten Island residents will change their behavior in the wake of the recent attack.

“I think it’s recognizable that there’s a sense of urgency,” Dr. Ardolic said. “The problem is that we went down to cases in such a dramatic way (early summer) and stayed so long that there was some silence. People lost that natural fear and worry.”

The field hospital is actually a new building that was planned to open as a long-term psychiatric care facility in the spring. But when the epidemic arrived, it was quickly used to care for Covid-19 and space was set aside for the peak in late 2020.

The Staten Island lane was declared yellow and orange by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday.

These markings impose extensive restrictions on delay some businesses may operate and how many people can gather in one place.

However, Staten Island is by no means the only county in the Empire State struggling with the virus’s resurgence.

From Monday, Nov. 2, the number of residents at Covid-19 Hospital in New York State rose from 1,227 to 2,724, Cuomo said Monday.

With Thanksgiving coming in three days and Christmas being only a month on the calendar, the Cuomo begged voters to love their family members – by staying away from them during the holidays.

He thanked his daughter, Mariah Kennedy Cuomo, for staying in Chicago and resisting any thought of returning to New York this week for turkeys.

“It’s a deeper Thanksgiving, a much more meaningful Thanksgiving,” to keep families separate, the governor said.

“Mariah loves me so much, she’s not coming with me to celebrate Thanksgiving. She loves me so much. We need to get our heads there.”