New York City to reopen field hospital when COVID-19 cases jump

After a recent steep rise in coronavirus cases, New York City will reopen an on-site hospital set up for the original wave of the virus in the spring.

The facility at Staten Island University Hospital, which was open from early April to late June, will begin admitting new patients this week, NBC News reported. While the capacity is currently 108 people, the hospital can accommodate up to 250 people if needed.

New cases of Staten Island have been moving in triple digits every day for the past week, often staying below 20 in the summer and early fall. The state has also jumped sharply among residents who have been hospitalized for the virus in the past month.

Governor of New York Andrew CuomoAndrew CuomoWhite House largely listens to Thanksgiving health precautions No thanks, Dr. Fauci Cuomo for giving Emmy for using TV during the COVID-19 epidemic MORE (D) announced Monday that the number has more than doubled, from 1227 on Nov. 2 to 2724 on Monday.

As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, he warned there would be a “37-day socialization period” in which residents were more likely to exceed social distance guidelines.

Brahim Ardolic, the hospital’s executive director, said the cases were likely to be responsible for the “spike in social isolation rules and mask wear”.

“The problem is that we went down to cases so dramatically and stayed low for so long, there was some silence,” he told NBC News.

The city announced last week that it will close schools in the country’s largest district, where the number of cases is rising, although the city still has one of the lowest rates in the country.

Last week, the city showed a 3 percent coronavirus positivity rate, which is lower than the 5 percent maximum at which the World Health Organization said an area could safely reopen businesses and schools.