New York County finds 55 countless early votes

New York County on Tuesday reported that 55 early ballots were discovered, which could change the outcome of the congressional contest, which is separated by only 12 votes.

Chenango County Prosecution Office wrote to Judge Scott J. DelConte that the County Election Commissioners had discovered 55 early ballot boxes, 44 of which were countable; the other 11 were obviously owned by people who were not registered to vote.

“The ballots were obviously misleading and never counted,” County attorney Alan Gordon wrote. “I seek guidance from the Court on how to proceed with the dismissal of these additional votes.”

WBNG journalist Josh Rosenblatt said these votes could keep Representative Anthony Brindisi (D-NY) as a representative of New York’s 22nd District, or give the election of Republican challenger Claudia Tenney.

Allowing the counting of votes and reversing the election result will be another blow to the House Democrats, who, despite retaining the majority, have lost about a dozen seats to Republicans.

The competition was extremely tight, with both candidates leading the way last week. Initial, unofficial results showed that Tenney won the election, but Brindisi seemed to outperform last week. On Monday, Tenney’s campaign said it took a 25-vote lead after a “spreadsheet error” was corrected. noted that these small leads ultimately mean little to 2,000 missing and statement votes yet to be counted. The New York Supreme Court is expected to rule on the challenges raised against these votes this week.

Cholango County Election Commissioner Carol Franklin told she had no idea why votes were not being counted.

“I think they came in early and put it aside and put it aside,” Franklin said. “I hope we can open them tomorrow with representatives from each campaign.”