New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment of Ex-Auxiliary

Former New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo and the current candidate for Manhattan District President on Sunday accused the Democratic governor of sexually harassing him while working for the state.

Lindsey Boylan, 36 years old, said in Twitter posts that Mr. Cuomo was “harassed for years. Many saw and watched. I could never foresee what I could expect: whether they were grilling for my work (which was very good) or harassed by my appearance. Or will both be in the same conversation?

Ms. Boylan did not send a message asking her to detail her Twitter posts. He later tweeted that he would not talk to reporters about the matter.

Lindsey Boylan was previously a dedicated staff member of the New York State Economic Development Authority and the governor.


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Caitlin Girouard, the governor’s spokesman, denied the allegations.

“These claims are simply not true,” he said.

According to a government official, Ms. Boylan did not file a formal complaint against the governor while she was a government employee.

According to LinklanIn’s profile, Ms. Boylan worked for the state’s economic development authority, Empire State Development, between 2015 and 2018. He then moved to the Executive Chamber – Mr. A Cuomo’s dedicated staff – and served from March 2018 to October 2018.

Mr. Cuomo’s national profile has grown based on his treatment of the New York coronavirus epidemic. President-elect Joe Biden is considering appointing him a U.S. attorney general, people in the case said.

In the midst of the #MeToo movement, Mr Cuomo signed legislation in 2018 that extended protection against harassment in the workplace to subcontractors, banned compulsory arbitration for victims of harassment, and required private employers to develop anti-harassment policies and conduct annual training. .

During the primary challenge to democracy, actress Cynthia Nixon accused Mr. Cuomo of acting slowly that year over complaints of sexual harassment against allies. Ms. Nixon pointed to Sam Hoytra, a former member of the National Assembly who was employed by Mr. Cuomo as an economic development consultant.

Former state employee Lisa Marie Cater said in a 2017 lawsuit that Mr. Hoyt kissed and groped vigorously who helped her get a job in the Department of Motor Vehicles. Ms Cater said in the lawsuit that Mr Cuomo and his advisers had ignored his complaints.

The governor’s lawyer said his complaints about Mrs. Cater Hoyt had been thoroughly investigated. His legal claims against Mr. Cuomo and Hoyt were dismissed in 2019. It was not clear whether Mr. Hoyt had left the state government as a result of the investigation. Mr. Hoyt and his attorney had previously said there was a consensual romantic relationship between Hoyt and Ms. Cater.

Mr. Cuomo’s campaign at the time responded to Ms. Nixon, pointing to her legislative record.

After leaving public employment, Ms. Boylan raised a failed Democratic democracy against U.S. MP Jerrold Nadler for initially reluctant to accuse President Trump. In November, he declared his candidacy for president of the district.

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