New York public schools are returning to personal learning

The country’s largest public school district will resume personal learning phases on Dec. 7, de Blasio said at a news conference.

The city closed public school buildings on Nov. 19 after the city’s seven-day average reached a 3% positive test rate, the threshold set by the mayor to close schools. All students switched to distance learning.

Schools no longer have to close when the city reaches a 3% test-positivity rate, De Blasio said Sunday.

Students are tested randomly each week, and parents must sign a consent form for each student who holds personal lessons, he added.

“He’s less worried about the spread when it comes to younger kids,” de Blasio said. “The demands of our parents as well. I feel that for all our parents, who are facing so many challenges these days, how important it is for them to have younger children at school, how important it is at this age, both educationally, socially, but also how parents juggle with every challenge in their lives. “

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a press release on Sunday that the safe opening of schools at the time of the epidemic was “the right direction and the right decision.”

Students in 3K, Pre-K and K-5 classes can resume personal lessons on Dec. 7, de Blasio said. The city is looking into whether high and high school students can return to personal classes in the future.

But Blasio said “a little extra work needs to be done” to launch District 75 schools and special education programs. All grades in District 75 schools that provide special education for students with significant needs will reopen in personal learning from December 10th.

“Putting our children back in school buildings is one of the most important things we can do for their well-being, and it’s so important that we do it right,” said School Chancellor Richard A. Carranza.

“The unparalleled value of personal learning was evident to students during the first few months of school, and we will do everything we can to keep our schools safe and open for the duration of the pandemic.”

Nearly 330,000 students are eligible to return to school. The goal is to have as many schools as possible on a regular five-day, personal schedule, de Blasio said.

CNN Sheena Jones contributed to the report.