Newly published incidents report fire leading to Tony Hsieh’s death

Police said “no crimes and / or allegations were found in connection with the November 18 fire.”

Hsieh’s death was announced in late November by a spokesman for DTP Companies, which served as a visionary for the company. The spokesman then said Hsieh died peacefully and was surrounded by family. Dozens of respect flooded the news on social media, with some calling Hsieh a “brilliant entrepreneur,” others praising his benevolence and generosity.

The new London fire brigade said in an incident report that although the cause of the fire was “unspecified”, human factors such as alcohol and drug damage could contribute to the flames.

Witnesses to reports of police incidents said Hsieh went out to sleep in a house attached to the house he was in after quarreling with the owner of the house, which some witnesses described as Hsieh’s girlfriend and others as friends.

Hsieh’s brother, friends and employees were also there at the house as they were scheduled to leave for Maui Island in Hawaii early in the morning, police reports say.

According to one report, Hsieh “took everyone to Hawaii to get away.”

Witnesses said police checked Hsieh every 10 minutes.

Tony Hsieh, former CEO of Zappos and “giant visionary” dies at 46

Hsieh’s personal assistant told police they had seen before the fire that Hsieh was lying with a blanket in the shed, adding that Hsieh had lit candles and a propane heater to provide heat inside the shed, according to a police report. The assistant noticed that “the blanket had almost touched the candle flame,” and pointed the potential danger at Hsieh and told Hsieh to put the candle away, the police report said. According to the report, Hsieh extinguished the candle.

Hsieh eventually “asked to be checked every 5 minutes instead,” which the group complied with, according to an incident report.

The same report says that during the first five-minute inspection, witnesses “discovered smoke from inside the shed and could not get in because it was locked from the inside.”

Police said eyewitnesses told police they broke a window and tried to put out the fire.

Hsieh’s personal assistant told police that Hsieh’s dog had recently died and Hsieh was “harassed.” The assistant added that “the victim has never heard of suicide or suicide statements.”

Disaster relief personnel arrived at the home around three in the morning, according to police, where firefighters forced Hsieh to open the shed door. He was then taken to hospital.

According to a police report, the fire department was notified of Hsieh’s death on November 27 and that a medical investigator investigated that Hsieh suffered from cerebral edema from the soot of hot gases and fire and was placed on a ventilator. The family asked for it to be carried out, writes a police report.